how do I close my Bitdefender account

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have spent 4 hours, yes 4 hours, going round and round.

Had 2 emails from Bitdefender inviting me to renew my "account" which i didn't know i had, at a cheaper price. Seems i am in the auto renewal trap for a product I haven't installed on any product, so haven't used.

There is no address on the bitdefender website. I tried the "email" option, filled in all the boxes, even completed the "I am not a robot" procedure, even though it was not in English and i could not recognise the language, got a tick, good, tried "send". It didn't work.

Now with Community, even that was hard to join. it seems my chosen name "Exasperated" had already been used.Why am I not surprised.

Please i need help. I am 85 years old. I am tired.

It seems likely that a year ago? I pressed a button and "subscribed" to Total Security, except I didn't. It hasn't been activated on my MacBook, my iPhone or my iPhone. I use Norton. Now a year later? I am invited to save money by rejoining Bitdefender now.

Yes, I did find a note in my password record sheet, of bitdefender with an obsolete email address and a password. These I have used to open my "account", except it has no information about when i "joined" and how much I paid. I haven't be able to find any credit card debit or Standing Order in my home accounts.

The email routine did not work, the "I am not a robot" routine was in Russian?

In exasperation, as i can't find any way of reaching an address I can write to, or a real person at Bitdefender, I have joined your Community.Please, please, HELP.