• After having various issues for months and months, I finally narrowed it down to Bitdefender. (Then found this thread, wish I'd found it sooner!) I've been having all sorts of issues starting up Windows, then Explorer crashing / the PC being completely unusable. (Even on a fresh install of Windows 11). Uninstall…
  • - Widget should be more visual like 2014 to see split firewall and CPU+HD work. This
  • Just updated again, its *still* there. Bitdefender Gamesafe - build: 11.0.17 - Virus signitures: 2848882 - Engine ver: 7.24858 Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit
  • Well I'm not even sure Gamesafe has a proper 64bit version, running it on 64bit vista however. This is the 3rd time in the space of a month or so BD updates have *broken* something....
  • Using Bitdefender Gamesafe - same issue, still. Updated manually a few times, it did download a few new updates, but that hasnt fixed it - still wont let me install firefox. Running 64 bit vista home premium. *annoyed*
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