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  • Hello, The device that is outside the BOX network may be one that you've previously registered with Bitdefender using a standalone install of Bitdefender security. IE: This may be a computer you were running another Bitdefender product on and it's licensed to the old license key. Once you own the BOX, you probably want to…
  • 4> Configuration backups and restoration. Issue: If the Bitdefender BOX has been corrupted in any way, there is no way to backup a config and restore from one. Scenario: A Bitdefender BOX can fail and need to be sent for RMA replacement. The new BOX will need to be set up from scratch again. Another issue I’ve seen, the…
  • 2> More informative logs/reports and whitelist/blacklist functions (focusing on Parental Control): Issue: The logs that are provided are sometimes too minimalistic. Then, to take action on those reported incidents, the whitelisting/blacklisting options are also inadequate or non-existent. The logs need to be more detailed…
  • Hello Flexx, I disagree when you say, "nothing that can be done from bitdefender end in relation to google search images". Bitdefender is analyzing web traffic, URLs and so on. Instead of performing a basic 'block' on the page, it can perform a redirect. This can be done similarly to the directions you posted to modify REG…
  • That's unfortunate that Bitdefender wouldn't support the device. You're right, rules for networking are the same no matter where you are. Bitdefender is a great mature AV product, but they are still complete novices with the hardware portion and in-line filtering setup on any type of networking outside the BOX unit itself.…
  • The BOX is only configurable from the iOS or Android app. It does not function like a typical appliance where you find the local IP and log into a web page. Once configured, some settings can be done through the Bitdefender web portal AFTER the initial setup. For the most part, "advanced" configuration must be done through…
  • Hello, You can likely do this one of 2 ways. Compare the IP address the new computer is using and/or find the MAC address the new computer has. Assuming this is Windows: open a command prompt and type in ipconfig /all find your adapter on the list and look at; - "IPv4 Address" (it should be 172.x.x.x by default Bitdefender…