• I am disappointed ... Did not expect this from Bitdefender. All my wishes and needs of other people just are not interested developers. Nothing of that ask users to change in the new version of Bitdefender is not implemented. No significant improvements in version 2014. And what Bitdefender going to compete with other…
  • Hello, I agree that parental control in the 2011/2012 version was much easier to use. And I would like it to be located locally in the program and not in the cloud. "Cloud" technology is of course wonderful, but that parental controls work with his transfer to the "cloud" was not stable. I have written many times in the…
  • Hello Catalin Dobrescu, Thank you, I read this message. But I just wanted to know, when it is expected an update? This month, next month? Is there any information about the specific release date for this update?
  • Hi Christian, Indeed, the very lack support search in Yandex. What to expect users to Yandex? Will it be supported? If so, when to expect this, at least approximately? Sincerely, Andrey.
  • Really good question. It would be very nice if the firewall settings expanded. And added at least the possibility of the user to decide on the output of any of the applications on the Internet.
  • Good day, If there is a developer of information when it is added to the antivirus settings the ability to restore files from quarantine?
  • Dear Christian, I want to report a problem in the parental control Problem: When you turn on parental control, all browsers are working correctly, except for Google Chrome. If I try to open Google Chrome, especially with a band in the parental control page, then Google Chrome exits fail. I made a screenshot of how it…
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