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  • glad to help for the team.
    in Gui Bug Comment by MdFarhin April 8
  • im not sure if this will help to try reproduce the issues. in my pc i have install cuda v11.8, python 3.10.7, nvdia NvToolsExt for requirement of my ai tool. which is InstantID-Controlnet. diffusers==0.25.1 transformers==4.37.1 accelerate safetensors einops onnxruntime spaces==0.19.4 omegaconf peft huggingface-hub==0.20.2…
    in Gui Bug Comment by MdFarhin April 7
  • i finally manage to fix it by reading the post that you shared. i change my locale from English -UK to English -US. now everything is work. including my other apps that keep on crashing. i don't know why the english -uk is broken. well. Thank you for the assistance
    in Gui Bug Comment by MdFarhin April 5
  • i have tried the email support on wwwdotbitdefenderdotcom/consumer/support/. with logs attach. but when i click send. it's stuck at loading infinitely. is there other way to send email with logs? like direct email? i cant find email address to support.
    in Gui Bug Comment by MdFarhin April 4
  • i see. thank you for the reply. hope it fix soon.
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