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  • the uninstaller worked with error. IT said contact support and they will help you remove what is left of BD. is that through the registry. it is one crap of a program
  • No try tomorrow thanks
  • I finally fixed my computer from how BD screwed it up .i uninstalled BD and then tried to uninstall BD agent i think it is. It said "BD is running and needs to be uninstalled first "or similar words But BD is not running.it said it was uninstalled.nothing in task manager. How do I rid my PC of this trash? All of it. And…
  • Something's rotten all right and its not apples. You could put the apples in a deep freeze where you could look later and take them out if one was not really rotten instead of of bin truck to some secret site never to be recovered
  • I would never consider BD again.the day after this my PC world not boot. Still not fixed It did not quarantine my file.it DELETED it. Should be my choice I will be raising with Data Protection the practice of quarantine files being in sent to BD if this is true. I don't supply files to help BD building database of threats…
  • I got a refund and got rid of that crock of shit . rubbish that delete files instead of quarantine and sending quarantine files to BD which is a form of spying
  • now my file has been deleted again and that attack timeline is just eye candy. where are the logs so i can see what it did with my file
  • i thought the free one was discontinued? Can it be downloaded as a full exe rather than an online install. i want to try it on an old laptop which has no av so cannot go online. Also can i download a full exe of the anti virus plus i purchased. It would be handy tohave if i needed reinstall. I think someone told me…
  • ok Thanks i will let you know if i reinstall. My previous av used to have a liitle x if everything was not right it may not have been red. I saw the link re the repair reinstall
  • popup is gone now i clicked not now even before i started this thread. ok i have activated the work profile. Thanks
    in popup Comment by OakSafe July 27
  • i do not have a screenshot and do not have time to be taking them. do i have to activate a profile and will that stop suggestions
    in popup Comment by OakSafe July 27
  • i don't want to use the suggested feature and do not want to be reminded of it. i will find it if i want it. the possible answer was to use it or not now. does that means it reappears i do not want any of these .it shouldbe possible to permanently disable this and autopilot. i know how to use a pc
    in popup Comment by OakSafe July 27
  • Thanks Gjoksi🙂
  • The auto renewal link was in the cart but when i clicked it it did not give me a direct option to opt out of auto renewal It gave a box explaining auto renewal with this at the end "You can cancel the automatic charges for your subscription by logging in to your Bitdefender Account and disable automatic renewal, or by…
  • Windows security says "BD AV reports it is up to date and virus scanning is on" I didn't know that red x you circled in green was part of the design, thought it meant a problem!🤔 i contacted support theysaid to remove my device in central and log out of GUI and log back in. But when i click my name then Switch Account the…
  • @Gjoksi Thanks. I logged out of central . Nothing happens when i click switch account? It is blue like a clickable link but does not click. should it work as i only have one account? The dashboard says "you are safe we're looking out for your device and data"
  • i have windows 7. i don't understand why switch to off? Thanks
  • must be an easier way than that
  • OK thanks that was it. It works with an exe
  • "Also, we try to ensure maximum transparency on the Auto renewal process both through the information available at the time of purchase and through email notifications before the renewal is performed" i disagree one has to click many links to get to it
  • there is no option for me to cancel auto update only go to dash board and cancel sub and protection We should not have to jump through hoops to get to it anyway and when my sub ends i will be gone. There should be a link where you buy it to stop the auto renewal and i will be talking to consumer affairs.There should be an…
  • I cancelled in my www.2checkout.com account which you get if your purchase BD online
  • Did you pay by Paypal, i did and also i do not have this button. You have to jump through hoops to find whwre it should be. So i will not be renewing BD i opened a ticket at [email protected] i got an auto response to say ticket opened
  • Thanks "BD sees multiple changes to browser security which in this case is NOT a problem" DoesBD flag it with a changed icon or pop ups or anything like changing to BDlite?
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