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  • I also agree, is very annoying to manually enter all firewall settings (apps blacklist or whitelist) if the antivirus needs to be re-installed after some issue. Export/Import list should be a must.
  • And what happens if do you buy a renewal for another Bitdefender type? Now I have Internet Security 2017 (2 years) almost ended and I woul'd to move to Internet Security 2017 (3 years) Is possible to do this? Why if I do this from the Bitdefender program itself is more expensive that if I purchase a renewal license…
  • You could try this Open Windows Explorer Go to Program Files------>Bitdefender----------->Bitdefender 2016--------->Settings------->Firewall. Copy the 'rules.xml' file to some safe location. After reinstalling Bitdefender copy the old rules file over the new file. Note I have never tried this and have no idea what the…
  • You can also try with CCleaner (free) that removes not-linked files and checks for the registry consistency...
  • Nobody knows it or isn't possible to do this? I'm still waiting for a solution about how to export the created Firewall rules that allows to restore the rules in case of a new Bitdefender 2016 install..
  • Hello jph522 and welcome to the forums, Make sure you are accessing Bitdefender with your Administrator account, not as a user. If you you still have problems run a full repair with Windows Control Panel>Programs and Features>Bitdefender>Uninstall or Repair. Choose Repair, allow it to complete and reboot your computer. Let…
  • Yo estoy en la misma situación. Al actualizar Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 de Windows7 a Windows10 en los dos ordenadores me sucede lo mismo, el SISTEMA DE DETECCION DE INTRUSOS y el ACTIVE VIRUS CONTROL no se activan al pulsar sobre el cajetín. En ambos casos el propio Windows10 me desinstaló el antivirus al…
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