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  • /index.php?/profile/206663-sr92/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="206663" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/206663-sr92/" rel="">@SR92 You should initiate bitdefender agent before installing the offline installer from v2016 onwards. You can download from your central account -> download or from here. * Initiate…
  • I made a mistake. I used one email to purchase Bitdefender 2016, and a different email to register with Central. It will not allow me to change. Will I need to contact customer svc to have this done, or am I missing something. thank you. Please read this answer about changing email address on MyBitdefender or Central. You…
  • Just installed the latest Amazon App update and Bitdefender is claiming that it is infected with Trojan.JSmsHider.A. I'm assuming this is a false positive but I can't see any way of "approving" the app - is there a way? Thanks in advance... Yes, received same error. Screen shots attached. Today it's reporting that my…
  • Hello all, Thank you for your patience. Starting with the latest build bdwtxapps.exe should not run if Wallet was not configured or apps are disabled. Can you confirm this behavior on your end too? Thank you BD Team for fixing this issue partially. It looks like BD Team finally heed to our issues with BD…
  • Hello all, There is an automatic mechanism for that, even if you turn off the Wallet feature. An explanation could be provided by the developers who wrote this feature. I am forwarding your requests to our developers and will post back their response as soon as I receive it. Thanks! Hi Georgia. Many Bitdefender 2014/2015…
  • Hey Dev's of Bitdefender, What is going on with this issue. There is no reply/patch/fix from Dev's end even after escalation made on Aug 21, 2014. It is ridiculous from Bitdefender services. Many people are asking about this and there is no patch/information yet from BD. Even after disabling wallet from BD 2015/2014, many…
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