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  • Yea I'm fed up with Bitdefender too but I've tried just about everything else including Norton. Only thing left to try is Kas and it's got a bad reputation. Not sure what other options there are at this point.
  • Sadly it seems like Bitdefender has abandoned these forums. You could try opening a support ticket but good luck with that. Last time I did I came away more frustrated than before and the issue I reported is back. It was like interacting with people who had never used a computer before. Me: here's a screenshot. BD Support:…
  • Ok I let my laptop stay off for over 3 days and the Widget still showed green which of course makes no sense since BDTS hadn't been updated in over 72 hours. The old Widget used to show a yellow "!" if updates hadn't been done in over 24 hours and a red "X" if they hadn't been done in over 48 hours. So now we see the green…
  • Is it actually going to do anything like it used to ? It would show when you haven't uppdated in 24 or 48 hours by displaying yellow or red. They took that feature out right before the took the widget out altogether. I'll find out tomorrow. I'm leaving my laptop off for a couple of days to see if the widget displays the…
  • I don't know. The feature seems to have just disappeared with no warning. Bitdefender have abandoned these forums so we may never know what's up.
  • Sorry Gracie this forum is almost worthless. Bitdefender staff don't repsond here any longer and the "expert community" is usually not much help. I too get notifications that either Windows 10 or Firefox are out of date when they are really not. I don't know if there is a solution other than to just ignore the…
  • Many times the Notification window will show "critical windows update available" even though Windows is completely updated or "FireFox update available" but Bitdefender can't figure out it hasn't been updated itself in two or more days. In that case the "auto" update will take an hour to update itself leaving the user with…
  • Did you delete it from within 2Checkout ? I couldn't see a way to do that although it may be that I have no card on file there. Like I said it shows my subscription expired although it's still active until April so they obviously they don't have correct information.
  • 2checkout shows my subscription as expired although it's active until April. I didn't use PayPal so that information is useless. There is no "My Payments" on my subscription tab so that's no help. That FAQ is outdated it now says "My Services". At any rate it's hard to trust Bitdefender to keep us safe from scammers when…
  • I don't have a My Payments Tab. Not only will they not correct the auto renew issue they won't even address the issue. How can we trust them to protect our systems when they won't even protect our bank accounts from unathorized payments from Bitdefender ?
  • Pretty simple question. Thank god for the "Expert Community".
  • That's not a link to Bitdefender Customer Service. It's a link to "Geek Tech".
  • It's not only the Auto Renew but they want to charge you full price when you can get a much better deal. New users get a better price than loyal users. That's not how a trustworthy company operates. It doesn't give us much confidence that Bitdefender is looking out for our security when they act like online scammers. I…
  • I don't know I can't find any info. Even going to the "2Checkout" site gives me no information. It says my subscription expired in April but it's clearly still active. It hardly gives us confidence that the company we're paying to protect us from online scammers acts like an online scammer. My sub is good until April,…
  • Does this Support article help ? I don't see "My Payments" in "My Subscriptions" does anyone else ? According to the article it's possible to turn off automatic payments. https://central.bitdefender.com/support/1561754615/article/29081
  • Thanks but I was a private beta tester for TS 2019 so I don't need the newbie information. I have used almost every security suite out there so I'm well aware of how they work. You're completely missing the point. Say someone works in an office and shuts their computer down on Friday. They come back to work on Monday and…
  • Here's another example from my laptop on June 3rd. Notice an hour ago TS found an update for Firefox but yet didn't realize it hadn't been updated itself since May 30th four days earlier. It took an hour to "auto" update so that means for an hour I had four day old definitions. Not acceptable.
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