Bitdefender total security 2020 auto-renew issue

I'm trying to disable my auto renew since i already bought a new subscription on a different account, but the "my payments - view details" page is completely blank on every browser.

I heard people on this forum can help, i only have a week left and i really cant afford to double pay.

I posted this as a discussion since i didn't know questions were a thing you could post, sorry for double posts

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  • Jwako
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    I solved my issue by sending an email complaining about this to [email protected]

    Instead of addressing the issue on the site, they just cancelled my auto-renew from their end.


  • I've just spoken with customer services. They say if you have changed your email address halfway through your subscription, the "my payments" tab will not appear. It's pretty disgraceful practice, but if you go on their chat service, the guy I spoke to was actually very helpful. Unfortunately mine auto renewed and now have to wait 7-10 days for a refund. Will be avoiding dealing with this company again.

  • I definitely didn't even change my email address but it's still blank.

  • HIi this Lucian,i have i have the same problem. they charge my credit card and renew my account without my permission. And my subscription is out and i never use or activate . I buyed use on the future when my kaspersky is out and now is out whithout use. So my lesson is ,back to KIS.

  • how can i turn off auto renewal? the my payments page does not show for me either

  • Go to your bank cards services, see if they can get your money back lads.

  • I solved my issue by speaking there customer service.

  • That's not a link to Bitdefender Customer Service. It's a link to "Geek Tech".

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