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  • Ales Apps have released an update to the Arkanoid Collection (Feb 27th) that no longer flags as riskware.
  • Something is not right in Bitdefenders detection of the Riskware because when I installed it on my Nokia 6 2017 with Android Pie and my Asus Zenfone 6 with Android 11, it gets flagged as Riskware. But when I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android Nougat it doesn't say anything. So what is going on with that?
  • Hi Nunzio They worry me as well. I always check files I download, if sha hashes are provided. There are also PGP signatures. Implbits, HashTab is what I use. If I am not sure about the validity of a file I run it through VirusTotal. If I am being really paranoid, I keep it for a few weeks then run it by VirusTotal, lol. My…
  • I did ask them if it was the server and got told via twitter, nothing had been reported. So I said look on your forum. I then got told the issue had been fixed..... it wasn't. I hope it gets fixed soon as i'd rather not install a different AV solution as I think BD free is really good. 
  • must be something windows have changed in an update. 
  • I have been using the free Bitdefender for the last 6-7 years and I'm happy with it. I like the low system usage, it doesn't nag you, install and forget its there, until it detects a threat. I have installed it on friends and family's PCs and laptops where other all in one packages had slowed their devices to a crawl. Some…
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