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  • That makes sense, but sadly there is no exit, pause, etc button for all the BitDefender's modules. You have to shut them all off by hand permanently. So the only way is to right click the BitDefender icon, go into basic setiings, and uncheck every box and setting I find in order to turn things off. Is that correct?
  • The only solution is to turn off permanently the service that you don't want to be active. I can understand that you want to turn off all these protections, but what is the case? Why do you want to shut them down? I want to shut them down so that there is no known interference with any other product I might be using or…
  • There seems to be a problem with Bit Defender Antivirus 2008 and Comodo BO Clean. When I shut down my computer, BO Clean hangs up due to some registry conflict with BO Clean. This did not happen with Bit Defender Antivirus v. 10. It's only been happening since I upgraded to Antivirus 2008.
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