• Shaylan, Thanks, that's good to know. Given the support I'm getting, with one machine where BD crashes and one where it's causing horrible performance issues and with less than 2 months left on my subscription, I'm not sure I want to bother with an upgrade.
  • Daniel, What is going on with this issue? Tech Support is not responding to my emails on the support ticket you opened for me and vsserv.exe keeps on crashing.
  • Same issue here. The service just crashes according to the event log. I can restart it manually and it starts fine on reboot. The only indication of the crash is the tray icon going gray and the event logged to the Windows Event Viewer. This seems to be a recent issue as it only started in the past week. It happened about…
  • Hello enisssss, We are very sorry for the late response and also for the inconvenience created. We kindly ask you to follow the steps below and let us know if the issue persists: 1. Please download this file and extract it; 2. Reboot your computer in SAFE MODE; 3. Run the bdselfpr_Av.reg if you have BitDefender Antivirus…
  • The Jan 28 update that was supposed to fix this issue made no difference for me. Still BSODed on bdselfpr.sys version when launching MSNMessenger just like before. Minidump uploaded to http://www.sendspace.com/file/j64nkj.
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