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  • On 12/20/2017 at 7:42 PM, meditek said: Oddly enough I used to use adwcleaner until I installed BD a long time ago. Then, like an idiot, I considered my troubles were over as it would deal with everything like Dr Solomon's effort did in the 80's! Frankly, as a 78 year old that likes playing trainer assisted games I am…
  • 4 hours ago, ozziebear said: Hi...Seems like you're slowly getting things sorted out. Malwarebytes recently purchased a program called adwcleaner which was created by a French company called Xplode. It's really good at picking up unwanted crap that's hooked into your registry, browsers etc. Over the years its caught a lot…
  • Thanks. Support are aware . I spent hours editing the registry to eliminate Kuikdelivery. There were about 30 instances of the thing. Also ran Malwarebytes which didn't find Kuik but found 10 others which BD had missed. Anyway the Kuik problem is now sorted...I think.
  • On 12/19/2017 at 2:33 AM, ozziebear said: Does the SSL work with any other browsers? What browser is your wife using? Firefox same as me.
  • 4 hours ago, ozziebear said: Hi...You will find the switch under Web Protection settings Thanks. I'll reload BD and try it. I also seem to have a virus that BD missed that keeps changing my Firefox search to Yahoo though that may be connected to BD support have gone a bit quiet on that. David Edit:- That…
  • Problem appears solved by installing BD 2018. Vsserve now using a reasonable 276 MB. I still have the BDSP zip if anyone is interested in how this happened?
  • Have tried to send the BDSP zip file by your web support but it won't send, presumably because it's too big at 17mb. Yes, I have a big problem and no security protection right now.
  • Hello meditek, Upgrading to a different version is something you have to do yourself, details on how to do it are here - Your paid license/subscriptions are transferable to 2016 and will merge so you don't loose any time. Ro. Thanks, finally ended up with 2016…
  • I am having exactly the same problem with Win7x32 ultimate and do not have the calendar add on. Thunderbird slows to snail's pace with BD ON but behaves normally with BD OFF. Does Win 7 have the equivalent of "Win 8 security" whatever that is? Thanks
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