So, today I decided to outside! It was interesting at first...then I saw someone! Got scared! Ran home! Bitdefender defends my home. I think? Or does it. WHAT is this? Perfectly normal win 10 activity? Or do I have a gremlin in my PC!? https://us.v-cdn.net/6031943/uploads/ZBUXIOFWXKIT/bitd11-2.jpg Has anyone else noticed that Bitdefender is getting mentioned more and more on IT sites that matters? I like all software which is good. But I get a really good feeling when a high quality product like Bitdefender goes straight to the top, where MalwareBites, Comodo, Norton, Kasp, etc, been sitting getting fat and happy. Comodo actually did what Bitdefender does right now. EARNING their right for accknowlegement, with a high quality product, that ALONE found a few of the biggest newest treaths to all....from Googles Android.... Google didn't find it. BITDEFENDER DID! (Check the May Security update for android (all) And check Win 10 latest upgrade, 2004. MICROSOFT mentions Bitdefender as the sole viruskiller to detect, seek and destroy these new threats from the USB slot. Microsoft should said, DONT PUT YOUR MOBILE PHONE IN YOUR COMPUTER USB PORT! Why not? Until now, everything that was not a known "bad code", had a freeway into PC, Laptops and Macs (ok maybe not macs so much). A PC with its hardware and system, are lightyears ahead of ALL mobile phones, when it comes to the Operating system. "Yeah? SO what you computernerd, what about it"? Everything you connect to a windows, PRE 2004, gets the same rights as you...gets the same rights to execute normal commands, as you. Injectors....Viruses that injects code into your user.... Anyone know, or heard of webcams are not safe? How did that happen? The PC webcam been pretty safe since like forever. Aprox 1 of out 10 people with a laptop, has or are currently, being watched from their own webcam, without knowing it! While the tech world asks WHY?! ....Some 13 year old russian kid, figured out that " -Heeeeeeyy, my friends plugs their crappy Android 6 into their USB port....and leaves it there?" "What if I put some code in a picture, and send it ? Muwhahah! HOW easy that would be to control my friends cameras!! https://us.v-cdn.net/6031943/uploads/SO8DHV4VHZKL/1axc6hu9ozvz6.jpg Mobile phones carry pictures. Pictures can hold code, and ALL mobile phones have lots of ways to "share", edit" everything with pictures. So, when you synced your picture of you and superman, and you then connect the mobile to your PC. That picture, executes a code when you click it. No alarm. Not a single Viruskiller reacted. They should...... It was the user, with all rights, who clicked on a picture. Tons of pictures executes code today. That's pretty much how this "sharing" works. Thanks Bitdefender, you reach the top. Now...Can you keep it? ;) https://us.v-cdn.net/6031943/uploads/ST3LJ9C5XZ8G/1axc6htga6ptu.jpg And this is what I do when my girlfriend isnt here, sick people outside and Im freakin bored! #Bitdefender kills viruses on googles Android