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As a subscriber do I have access to any other PC tools from Bitdefender, then Bitdefender?

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I'm a new customer in the Bitdefender world! I bought Bit defender Total Security after only ONE week of testing (May, 2020). I have been plagued with several new threats which comes from mobile phones and infects PCs.

The Android May update has a lot about my issues in it, but no info how to weed out the viruses.

I tested Bitdefender on my mobile and it found something right away !

(Neither Malwarebytes or Norton had found anything)

Bitdefender removed "something" on my mobile and I had ZERO problems since with outside users geting hold of my pictures! No more pics renamed "User SCOOPED", and just happens to be the only picture of a code or something important.

I was so impressed, I just bought it to my PC and .......WOW, it found things on my 1 month new PC? I had Malwarebytes, Superantimalware, Comodo Firewall and Microsofts Defender.

They all got fired! I only use Bitdefender now.

It seamed my new rig was infected by malware, which hitchhiked with google chrome sync, Microsoft ONEDRIVE sync and locked a USB slot, which had 3 different "Account unknown" hidden in the USB driver???

I let bitdefender go crazy on my system.

1PC, 6 internal disk drives, 1 NAS, a router and 2 external USB disks which are off, unless I need them.

My hardware:

  • ASUS Motherboard: B450-PLUS GAMING
  • Corsair 16GB ECC
  • AMD Ryzen 5, 3600Ghz. (Tons of hardware protection built in).

Bitdefender and the VPN have made me very lazy lol! It keeps me perfectly safe.

I do check settings and I run the optimizer tool along with the tool that checks if my pc needs updates etc. That tool isn't....the best. Are there any more tools?

I was a Comodo Internet Security customer for 3 years. And AVG before that.

Now, I am a new Bitdefender Customer. For a year in advance, because how impressed I am on how effective Bitdefender is. Automaticly killed threats no other software could detect.


Are there any more tools I can download and use from Bitdefender?

Thanks for a great product!

Jonah Hansson, 44, Datacenter Design Architect, Gothenburg, Sweden.

ASUS AURA is pretty....It glows like a Disco, inside the puters. 😎

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  • Jayakrishnan
    Jayakrishnan ✭✭✭
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    Hello @SwedishGoth

    First of all, your computer setup looks awesome :)

    In Bitdefender Total Security, you have the following awesome tools:

    1. Bitdefender Safepay: Iron claded browser for super secure online transactions
    2. Password Manager
    3. Anti Tracker (browser extension)
    4. Vulnerability Checker: checks for any OS updates or known vulnerabilities in installed apps and provide option to update to fix the issue
    5. File encryption
    6. VPN

    There are even more tools available to make your device safe and sound:

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    Thanks and regards,

  • Jayakrishnan
    Jayakrishnan ✭✭✭
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    Hello @SwedishGoth ,

    Most of the useful tools are already present in Bitdefender Total Security application itself. You can get an idea about the various tools available in the website which I shared above.

    Regarding Bitdefender mobile app, it check for a wide variety of malwares and also system vulnerabilities like USB debugging in ON state. These are the common types of items detected by mobile security (not limited to that):


  • SwedishGoth

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

    I mean, are there any other tools I can get other then from inside the software? Like the network scanner? It doesnt work on PC when Im using a normal cable (No wifi with PC).

    Bitdefender is very automatic. I'd like to see how it scans for malware, etc. The reports only shows what it done. Not why it skipped a file etc.

    So the answer is, all tools are included in the Bitdefender total security software?

    Howcome there is no Volnerability assessment for the mobile?

    Thanks for a great product!

  • SwedishGoth

    Your support tool for Diagnostics is pretty interesting.

    In fact...It's VERY interesting. Can, um, us users get out hands on that with a parser?

  • SwedishGoth
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    Today a new VPN poped up in my bitdefender central. Its said to download it, which i did. But the old VPN is still here and did not get updated?


    Your support staff in chat answered me in 1 minute. The "new" VPN as it says on the mobile, is not a new VPN or an upgraded VPN.

    Its just another way to get only your VPN. Maybe you should tell your team to be more clear about that? In my mobile, with your VPN on unlimited, it has a green text box saying "Try out our new VPN".

    It has no info about the difference in this new VPN and the one I have, as premium subscription.

    In playstore, it says nothing about it either.

    A tip, please make that clear in your info ;)