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  • Hi Thanks for the response. I knew that running simultaneous solution would be mentioned, and yes I would agree if it was something like Norton or Kaspersky. I would actually prefer MalwareBytes web protection over BitDefender’s but I can switch everything off in BitDefender and it still throws a BAD POOL HEADER BIOS…
  • The version (type) of JAVA (Hotspot) that you have is created by Oracle. The Java page that BitDefender links to is the normal download location, generally only developers and the such would download direct from Oracle as they over many "flavours" of JAVA... the Java site only give you one flavour, which is the one that…
  • Hi I’d like to add to this as I also have issues that I believe could be related to BitDefender. I have BAD POOL HEADER blue screens when opening many tabs at the same time. I can replicate this easily. A Windows Driver Verifier session states that “DRIVER VERIFIER DETECTED VOLOLATION (avc3.sys)”. Memory dumps potentially…
  • Mmmm...Spoke too soon. Active Threat Control is still off.
  • Hi I had the same issuse, but it's now fixed. I simply started to uninstall Bitdefender, but selected the repair option. Once finished, I restarted the PC and it's been fine since. Hope this works for you.
  • Hi Rohugh Thanks for the info, but as per post #15 by Bitdefender Technical Support, they state to NOT set the adapter to trusted. Potentially for reasons dejjem noted in post #13. I'm sure that there will be other reasons too. I'll just use Thunderbird until the issue is fixed.
  • Same issue. I've used the support tool, tried to download and send a message in Windows 10 with the mail app... with no luck. I can also confirm that the suggested setting do not work. I need to deactivate the firewall. I have sent the results to [email protected]
  • I agree this is a pain. Oh, and a thumbs up to the original poster on the detail and clarity of reading for his post; has useful information for both tech and non-tech people and is readable by both. As Active Virus Control uses the hypervisor the only workaround is to disable Active Virus Control thus freeing the…
  • Excluding the VirtualBox processes won't work as Active Virus Control is using the Hypervisor so it's not possible for Virtualbox to start. Only workaround is to disable Active Virus Control thus freeing the hypervisor. It's a shame that there isn't an option to disable Active Virus Control on start-up of specific…
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