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  • jennekekru

    When I log into my central account a verification code is sent to the registered email address. The problem is that the email arrives with a delay, by the time I receive the code it is too late to use the login. So I cannot change the email address either. Is there a way to solve this ?

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  • stefan_a

    Daca ma puteti ajuta cu un sfat:

    Am mai multe conturi pe "central.bitdefender". Pentru unul din aceste conturi adresa de mail folosita pentru creerea lui nu mai este valida. In concluzie datorita autentificarii in doi pasi, neavind acces la codul de verificare ( trimis pe aceasta adresa de mail) nu ma mai pot loga in acest cont bitdefender.

    Cum as putea sa recuperez contul?


    5. Oktober