• To specify: I suggest implementing the basics first, before adding other layers. In my point of view, its relatively low priority to have an extra inbound firewall on a mac for most standard users. An inbound application Fw is already provided by apple and can be activated, although its not able to differentiate between…
  • also interested in more features for mac. Packages from Eset, Norton or Kaspersky etc. do offer more. Two basics which are missing: scheduled scans solve the problems in order to have all macs listed in the cloud central dashboard (it still overrides one mac with the other instead of threat all separately)
  • Same here since years - BD support tells that they are working on it and haven‘t a solution yet...
  • Sams here - for years! Still no fix from BD.
  • Who recommends such? If recommended, why is still no scheduled scan implemented?
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