Firewall support


why there is no Firewall support for Mac ?

Agent in support chat says Apple doesn't allow it, but it isn't true, there are many firewalls for mac which let control all traffic and nevertheless norton 360 supports firewall as well and monitoring all connections.


  • also interested in more features for mac. Packages from Eset, Norton or Kaspersky etc. do offer more. Two basics which are missing:

    • scheduled scans
    • solve the problems in order to have all macs listed in the cloud central dashboard (it still overrides one mac with the other instead of threat all separately)
  • To specify: I suggest implementing the basics first, before adding other layers. In my point of view, its relatively low priority to have an extra inbound firewall on a mac for most standard users. An inbound application Fw is already provided by apple and can be activated, although its not able to differentiate between home networks and untrusted ones which would be added value. Outbound however would be a differnt story and helpful, if easily manageable with low user interaction (allow config based on application/code singnig status and block new unteusted by default). But always keep in mind, that such a layer generates tons of new risks (e.g vulnerabilities), issues (e.g. blocked connections or non-working stuff with new apple OS releases etc.) or human errors (a lot of popups and wrong clicking). Tested several competitor products and do not belive a family member is able to adequately use such overloaded stuff.