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Thank you for your understanding.… alerts on S22 not detected


Hi, I keep getting alerts from… on my android phone (S22); the alerts are for security breaches, data loss, card hacks etc and some prompt me to scan device. Bitdefender has not detected anything on phone despite my manual scans for malware.
How do I get rid of these false alerts and why isn't BD detecting malware? Thx

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  • TerryM01

    Many thanks Flexx, I had already uninstalled Ecosia, which seemed to be the route used by the fake alerts and have had no more for a day now. I also installed and ran a scan with Malwarebytes - which found no malware on the phone.
    I was a bit concerned that having 2 antivirus progs running might cause a conflict. Any thoughts on this? If the problem is fixed I will probably remove Malwarebytes - does that sound sensible? Thanks again.

  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
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    Hi @TerryM01,

    Regarding Malwarebytes & Bitdefender, you can check the thread below for more insights and perspectives shared by our members and maybe this will help you decide what to do next. 🙂



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  • TerryM01

    Many thanks Alex, very useful discussion

    Regards, Terry