Disable anti theft in Total Security 2020

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Since BitDefender did not sell 1 device licence for PC, now I am using a shared account with someone I don't know. I am afraid that someone malicious intentionally wipe my PC or tracking my location from BitDefender Central.

How can i disable or uninstall Anti-Theft feature from Total Security 2020?

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  • Andy_BD
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    Hi @Ace_of_Spade

    You shouldn't share an account with someone you don't know and/or trust. The multi-device feature is meant to offer you an overall protection to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop and whichever and however many more devices one might have.

    Ultimately you could share your device license, should you have no use for them, to immediate family or close friends who you trust - although for that you have Bitdefender Family Pack.

    In conclusion, do not share your Bitdefender account especially with someone you don't know and trust.

  • Hello,

    Sharing your credentials with someone you dont know is not a good idea, regardless of the service you have purchased.

    In order to share a slot from your subscription without having to share the credentials of your account you can goto Bitdefender Central, My Devices tab (https://central.bitdefender.com/devices). Click Install Protection, protect other devices and, in your case, click Someone else. This will generate a installation link that is bonded to your account.

    After that, simply share the link.

    Note that the installation link is valid for 24 hours but you can generate a new one in the same matter.

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  • Rick824
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    I have a similar request: I am using Bitdefender Total Security (Trial) and have registered 3 devices.

    If someone is able to get my credentials to login in Bitdedefender Central, it would be very easy to wipe out the content of all 3 devices and I wouldn't be able to stop it.

    I know a malicious user would have to get user's credentials in order to do so but, considering the catastrophic consequences, I would feel safer having an additional layer in this specific case.

    If disabling this Anti Theft Wipe feature is not possible, can we get at least an additional pin/security code that is required to initiate a wipe?

  • garioch7
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    You can activate to 2FA from within Bitdefender Central. That is what I have done to lessen the risk of someone getting into my Central Account and wiping my devices.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



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  • Thanks Phil, I didn't know 2FA was supported

    I have activated it

  • garioch7
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    You are most welcome. Stay safe in cyberspace.

    Have a great day.



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  • I have several devices that have full protection. What prevents a unauthorized person from picking up one of your phones & turn off antitheft features location , lock or wipe. Or uninstalling bitedefender if there is no screen lock or lock is unlocked at the moment they pick up your phone?

  • You can choose to lock Bitdefender , thus impeding the potential thief to uninstall it, even if the phone is unlocked. Of course, there is a "less than ideal" scenario where on purpose you leave everything unlocked.



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