How Does Parental Control Work?

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I cannot figure out how Parental Control works on a telephone.

I have Bitdefender installed on my laptop and my phone, and I access the app with my user. So far, so good.

I want to install Bitdefender on my kid's phone, I do, and it looks exactly like the app that I have on my phone. I identify this devide and user as 'Child' and install Parental Control. And hereon is when I start getting confused..

1) What does Parental Control exactly do? Because it does not seem to have any other feature than "I arrived safely here".

2) The Bitdefender app on the kid's phone, has access to all the settings and other features (such accounts, etc). How do I restrict access to all this information on my kid's phone?

What I am most concerned is about number 2 above; is there any way to prevent access to all the main user info (me) from the kid's device?

I hope I was able to explain myself.

Thank you very much, best regards,