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I noticed in my PC and also seeing the latest reviews on Bitedefender Free, that Bitdefender Free uses a lot of RAM at rest (about 300 Mb total).

Bitdefender Free is declared very light but on RAM it seems not to be so.

An update should be released that will reduce the consumption of RAM at rest.

What do you think developers?

Thank you.



  • Same here.

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    It is everyone's problem !!!

    When will it be resolved ???

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    Are there any upgrades of high RAM usage improvements ???

  • in bitdefender total security 2021 v25.0.7.34 it uses 350gb ram for now with just opening chrome with ddr4 ram 2400 mhz speed

    first it uses up to 500- 600 mb of ram but now it uses less

    for better knowing the bitdefender ram usage it is good to working with is some hours or 2 days forexmaple

    system scan can be make it use less ram too maybe because real time maybe not scan it every time

    or maybe drive c scan with custom scan is make it lighter on ram

    I dont know how bitdefender free is lighter than the paid options but for you I can say it is normal

    note that bitdefender ram usage maybe can spike to 600 mb or higher maybe

    I install bitdefender today after some months and I cant see it is spike to how much but I mean know that maybe it can be uses that much too

    however I think bitdefender can use less of ram in my device if I work with it more

  • That is normal if 300 mb of ram for bitdefender

    however maybe free version should a little lighter but for paid that is normal

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    Hi Member's

    As per the bitdefender free website the minimum RAM required to run bitdefender free is 2gb.

    So as @Mahdi564 said, it is normal for free version to consume that much of memory. Bitdefender or any other antivirus continuously scans various files in the background (as known by everyone)

    So if some heavy usage browser or software, like for example google chrome is opened, it will definitely spike up the ram consumption of bitdefender also, since cache files, temp files which are generated by browsers or any other software on real time basis are also scanned by the bitdefender in the background with respect to continuous scanning of other system files.

    As an example, ESET is considered to be the lightest AV of all vendors. But I have it installed in my another PC and below is the RAM consumption when the PC is at idle (no software or application is running by the user)

    I would also like @Alex D. to kindly get this also checked by development team, since bitdefender supports does not deals with free version and will eventually send the request back to the forum.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • I'm not very convinced that it uses a lot of RAM even if it checks files in the background. Maybe they could decide to optimize it even more by reducing RAM consumption by at least 50%.

    For example AVAST Free and Kaspersky Security Cloud Free consume a total RAM of about 80/90 MB, while Bitdefender Free also reaches 250 / 300MB.

    In my opinion they could improve it in terms of RAM usage and malware removal speed, as even in the cleaning of malware that it finds in real time it is a bit slow.

  • Last week i try BD free and ow my god RaM was going up every hour more and more...

    first hour around 300 MB two hours 625 MB , at the end of the evening it was using 960 MB 😮 so i uninstalled it !

    Maybe i'll try again when they fixes some bugs ....

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    Honestly BD Free is a little disappointing both in the high RAM usage and because it is slow in removing / cleaning from malware. It takes a lot of seconds or minutes to detect and delete the malicious file. Before it was much more responsive. In my opinion they should fix some bugs that are penalizing him. Too bad because I considered it one of the best free antivirus, if not the best. They will have to improve it otherwise it will be overtaken by the competition. Is there a site from where you can see the various releases of the various versions of BD Free with the improvements and bugs fixed?

    For some time I have been using Avast Free which I think is an excellent free antivirus, very light, responsive and safe. From the tests I am running it always reacts well and quickly and the PC always remains clean. Now they have also added folder and file protection against ransoware. It is a complete free version for PC protection and phishing detection is also optimal.

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    No there is no site with changelog done by bitdefender , so you never know what have been fixed .... soon there will be no one using BD free.... even windows defender has better protection.

    In my opinion they should give BD antivirus plus for free which is far more better to compete with the other freebies like kapersky do with security cloud free!

    And they should focus on their paid solutions like internet security and Total to sell.

  • Between Avast Free and Kaspersky Cloud Free which one do you suggest? Waiting for BD Free to be improved and enhanced.

  • I also have tested Kaspersky Cloud Free , but i find it to agressive and too many notifications ... uninstalled it and now working with avast is much more my thing.

  • Yes, I am doing very well with Avast Free and it seems very reliable and safe. From my tests he always intervened promptly, cleaning or not infecting the PC. It is also always very well awarded by AV Comparative and AV

  • Yes, I am doing very well with Avast Free and it seems very reliable and safe. From my tests he always intervened promptly, cleaning or not infecting the PC. It is also always very well awarded by AV Comparative and AV

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    Kindly refrain from posting blank comments on post. Even on the widget post you did the same.

    @Alex_A, @Andy_BD



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Hi all. I had a bdservicehost (virus shield) running up to 650MB even with no activity. I found an aricle on another forum which recommended maximising virtual memory. When I looked into that, I found my max size was only 2000MB. I have upped that to 20480MB. After a power off re-start, the service now runs around 315-320MB - even as low as 150MB with nothing open except Task Manager. After changing the virtual memory my system now runs a lot smoother too. Try it.

  • A memory usage of several hundred MB is normal for BDF. Do not compare with other AVs, as BDF is better protected than most free AVs. These memory usage amounts are also necessary.

  • How is BDF better protected than other free AVs? I have seen on some YouTube videos that some malware also manages to disable it. I'm curious to know any differences because I'm undecided between BDF and Avast Free or other AV free. Thank you.

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    From a Chinese community ( ),the observed results, and there is no any av can defense all malicious programs

  • In the Chinese community I don't find specific discussion on this topic.

    It would also take an official response from Bitdefender in this forum on this issue to reassure users.

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