Where is a proper user manual for Password manager?

The only manual I can find is something called a user manual.

Its just a sales pitch telling what is possible not how to do anything. No details. No troubleshooting.

There is a FAQ telling me how to install it and why I should but it doesn't mention any of the shortcommings described in this form.

What i wanted to know was the various lock possibilities of the extension. What settings are there and how customizable is it?

There was a free trial but that disappeared. I have total security and included in it was a password manager of sorts but then I find out it is pretty limited. Looks like I have to buy Bitdefender Password Manager just to see if its suitable. Perhaps it is so terrible that Bitdefender wants to make much money as they can because it seems (from the community) it will die a a long drawn out death. But I would guess there will always be an explanation (excuse) why it doesn't do the most basic things well.

But it seems to be a bit of a mess. It has a requirement to login each time I restart my browser

Bit sorry I went to Bitdefender now.

And no I should not cut some slack, this is commercial software that isn't anywhere close to some of the open source free offerings.

I think Bitdefender realized their wallet was well received and rather than improve it (no extra money for existing users, they thought they could make a new one that they would charge users for.

So where is the comprehensive manual?