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Following your feedback, we have created a dedicated category for the newest member of the Bitdefender portfolio. Here you will find Password Manager related discussions, but also a selection of helpful articles from our knowledge base. Check them out and please feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions and we'd love to hear your ideas as well.

If you need help with installation or seek steps to export, transfer and import your passwords, click on the link below:

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  • how do I turn off annoying ad for password manager
  • Hello @unkljimmy and welcome to the Community!

    Are you referring to the in-product recommendation?

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  • as shown in the attached image, password manager recommendation is continuously exposed. even after disabling special offers and recommendation notification in settings, it is continuously exposed and cannot be removed in any way.

    i feel quite uncomfortable with excessive advertising on the services I have already paid for.

  • @unkljimmy @POK3R check this thread here:

    These recommendations cannot be disabled by design, because the recommendation section is part of the important advisory features and will remain displayed there until an action is taken by the user on each recommendation.

    I would suggest to click on the trial and this should remove the notification from the dashboard. You don't necessary have to use the trial. Let me know if this works for you.

    Stay safe.

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  • @Alexandru_BD unfortunately, i have activated trial but password manager recommendation is still showing.

  • @POK3R for the recommendation to disappear, the extension must be installed first, and then you must login to update the dashboard (a reboot involves a status check).

    I understand this can be an inconvenience to you, but we have reached our developers and they are gathering specifics so that we can make some adjustments in this area. Because, if the extension is not installed, the recommendation will continue to be displayed there, as by default, this is the behaviour for all recommendations displayed in the Dashboard, so this one follows the same rule, as it makes no exception.

    The good thing is that this is not a pop-up notification, but a static recommendation.

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  • @Alexandru_BD thx. process was a bit complicated, but it worked.

  • You are most welcome.

    I agree it's work in progress, but we are getting there soon.

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  • I already have a password manager so recommending me to use one is, besides annoying, also not very intelligent. Either you teach your 'very important' advisory tool to recognize other password managers or make it possible to shut it off.

    The same goes for the wallet popup, I think I have been notified when doing online purchases about a 100+ times that I should use wallet functionality. But I think your 'very important' advisory tool is not intelligent enough to stop asking. How about once a day the first week, then once a week for a month then once a month for 6 months then give it up. Unless of course, you add some AI and it is intelligent enough to stop asking.

    Since you are making and selling a 'state of the art' security tool then it should not be beyond your competence to make this (or should I be worried?).

  • Hello @RobertC and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    I have passed your valuable feedback to the product developers.


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  • Hello @Mr.T. and thank you for joining the conversation.

    Are you inquiring about the Password Manager recommendation notification?

    If you are referring to the recommendation to use Password Manager, this can be supressed by disabling the Recommendation notifications from the product Settings -> General:

    I think the notifications that may pop up when doing online purchases are actually related to Safepay and you can disabled them by accessing the Privacy tab -> Safepay -> Settings -> turn the switch for Safepay notifications OFF:

    @RobertC have you also applied these settings?


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