Contacting support - register a false positive



I am attempting to contact support at the following URL to ask Bitdefender to investigate and register the latest release of "Mactype."( as a false positive. TL;DR, this keeps coming up given the nature of the app - forcefully injects font rendering changes into applications. UNFORTUNATELY, it appears that the support site is suffering issues and is not loading...( does anyone know how I can reach out to bitdefender to get this fixed? NOTE: I love how awesome they are at trying to get me to buy more of their product (prompts IN APP... grrr...) but how inaccessible they are in support.


The behavior of Mactype is normally something to be mindful of, of course, but in this case, its a long standing font rasterizing app that is really useful in cleaning up some things that Windows does not, and more importantly, has been around for some time.

Bitdefender needs to finalize (conclude) that this IS or IS not a true or a false, and ensure that they are proactively and mindfully monitoring and analyzing changes to the codebase so that it does not pop up again.