Malware Descriptions?

Where does one find a description for BitDefender malware hits? I have an iOS phone with a file flagged as "Trojan.******.GenericKDZ.2579" but can't find any web resource to tell me what that particular description means. Is it a heuristic detection, false positive or a real threat? Does BitDefender host a repository to give subscribers a clue as to what is on their devices?


  • Hello @awingate,

    The Home User products will not display extensive explanations of detections or file behavior and there is no repository for this. However, you can find out if this is a false positive or a real threat by submitting a sample to the Bitdefender Labs for analysis. You may use the form available at the link below:


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    Trojan.******.GenericKDZ.2579 is a signature based detection created by bitdefender malware researchers.

    These are newly released malware which are currently under analysis, not yet given a name, and not categorized according to their behavior, hence are termed as Trojan.Generic

    In other words, it is a generic detection that has identified a program or file that has code or behavior similar to trojans.


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