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How do I join a public network with Premium VPN and Web Protection for iOS installed?


Since installing these two apps I have not been able to connect with ANY public WiFi where before I had no trouble. This is true whether the apps are turned on or off. I cannot connect in airports, restaurants, and libraries with public WiFi, and even more so when on a plane with its own WiFi (American Airlines). I called Apple support the other day. The tech said I needed to get rid of the two Bitdefender apps completely on my iPhone, and she guided me through this process. This made me very uncomfortable. The following day I was in a restaurant I go to frequently that has WiFi. My friend had no problem connecting to its WiFi even with an active VPN, but I still couldn't. Same problems whether with Bitdefender apps or not it seems. I've reinstalled the two apps that got rid of the other day, but I'm not expecting any progress. No problem with my home WiFi. Just public WiFi. I feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. Can anyone suggest another approach than these?