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Bitdefender Blocks Cloudflare Page Due To Being Infected With Malware. Any Help?


Hello. I am a casual PC user and I have only started using Bitdefender for few months. Over the last week, I wanted to try to change my DNS to Cloudflare DNS.

When I clicked on their page to download their WARP app, Bitdefender blocked the page, and it said it was infected. The malware was Trojan GenericKD then a number. It's the official page however.

I insisted on entering the page, then BitD alerted me that the same malware it blocked, is now downloaded on my device and is now removing it.

Unfortunately, I panicked after this and got anxious so I just decided to reset my PC, so I don't know the complete name of the virus. Now I'm anxious to use Cloudflare DNS on my router or downland the app.

On Bitdefender central page, it says the contains a malware. I tried Malwarebytes and it didn't block Windows security + Microsoft Edge browser didn't alert me about too.

Weirdly enough, when I try to access Cloudflarewarp page, which is the same page as (I THINK), BitD doesn't block it or alert me.

So now I don't know if this is legit or just a false alarm, because I really do want to go back and download the WARP app and change my DNS on the router as well. This is making me question the safety of Cloudflare's DNS.

  • UPDATE: I tried to go back to the page to know exactly the name of the malware BitD blocks. It's Trojan.GenericKD.65820606

Sorry I created a new account @CasualBITUSER1 because I forgot the password for the first account and the password for its associated email. Both were newly created.

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