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  • I know people trying to help me to solve the problem, I deeply appreciate for it, but before posting your comments Please read my complaint. Thank you.
  • I use a hard drive with a capacity of 1 Tr a little more than a year old. I can’t use the computer, not because it’s a slow hard drive, but I see processor overload in the task manager. I thought some device drivers were outdated and updated all the drivers, deleted the programs that I don’t use. Run through ESET online…
  • Same story, every time when I turn on computer I have to wait for 6 - 10 minutes until bdservicehost and bitdefender update service finish what they doing, only after that I can use computer
  • Reinstall Bitdefender - surprise, before in Task Manager I could see 4 Bitdefender processes, now 10 or maybe more.
  • Dear Eric Clapton thank you for your sympathy and support, I wish you success in your endeavors
  • deleted a Bitdefender, the rest of the instructions couldn't do it I'm not that advanced to do it, I'm tired after 10 days fighting with the computer all day long. I wanted to do a restore, the computer worked for a couple of hours and gave out that it could not do it. I don’t want to do a full reset in this case, I will…
  • Dear Gjoksi, thank you so much for your concern and trying to help. Speaking about Task Manager screenshot It will probably take 5 pages to make full screenshot picture because the Bitdefender files are scattered all over the log. Speaking about reinstallation, I had a similar situation with ESET, I was an ESET customer…
  • I am already tired of fighting with the Bitdefender, I'm already counting the months when it will end. After 5 months since I installed the Bitdefender Total protection, every time comes up some problems whiсh should not be. There was a problem with Vista, I must pay tribute and put a monument to Vista, but it time is…
  • thanks for your exciting speech but it won't help me, I have special software installed on my computer that runs on Windows Vista, so I'm stuck in the Middle Ages.
  • I don't know how to reply to Gjoksi - thanks to you, link to ESET scanner found 6 threats and I guess fix it. Will see have computer will behave after cleaning.
  • By the way, I don't really trust F Secure because it did scan in 5 minutes at the same time Kaspersky and Bitdefender spend 6 hours +
  • Before making a post, I first checked myself or this is not a mistake. When the behavior of the computer become seemed suspicious to me, at this time I did not yet know that the computer sent emails by itself, I scanned the system with Bitdefender once in April and once in May, in addition, at the beginning of May I…
  • Dear Alexandru_BD I don’t need your reasoning, I realized that mine iPhone is not protected, but you are ashamed to admit it and you hit the theory, maybe it will fly by.
  • I succumbed to false advertising on the Internet and bought this program. I am basic user I am not programmer I purchase program and it must work for me. My problems begin from day one after I activated Bitdefender Total Security, program runs all the time and overloads the processor, I have i5 3.3MHz CPU 8 GB of RAM but…
  • Install Bitdefender total security on my iPhone 7 - settings very simple. My feeling this is fake protection justified, it is not protecting from spam emails and unsafe SMS. also have a bad experience - Windows 10, Defender runs all the time and loads the processor, because of this the computer is running slowly. to say…
  • if my advice somehow helped you, then I am very happy
  • Stop bothering me, I am not interesting in your explanation. As I promised to the second operator I will post my review in all Internet sites where it will be accepted. I just started using total security, for sure there are holes and bugs, so we will meet again on the fields of the Internet.
  • try simple solution - run system scan with Bitdefender or Kaspersky free one time scan to make sure you have no bugs.
  • I have just one simple question: - Why when I call first time to activate total security operator did not ask me about legitimacy of my purchase? also I ask him how preliminary activation will affect duration of subscription? He assured me that I will receive a full protection period of 1 year starting from January 7, it…
  • on my computer it turned out that the use of VPN has more disadvantages than advantages, VPN cuts the Internet speed in half plus other disadvantages, so I do not use it. If you can't access Net without VPN, check and run the settings again, it should work. The bug is in personal settings.
  • I tried free VPN which comes with Bitdefender Internet Security - deeply regret I did, after using that I discover mess which VPN did to my Google, youtube and other account - deletion. Also delete some internal computer information. Now I have to restore my connections on a new one.
  • I don't have screenshot, have similar problem with CPU load 100% in part taken by Bitdefender and biggest part by Opera browser. Opera consuming constantly 25 -33% of CPU resources also RAM memory load 61% all together it significantly slowing down computer processes. CPU Intel core i5 [email protected] RAM 8GB Windows 10 Pro