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  • I use both - Bitdefender on a desktop running Windows 7 64 bit and Kaspersky on a laptop running Windows 8 64 bit. I used to use Kaspersky on both but when I upgraded to KIS2013 from KIS2011 it started to cause BSOD problems with ntskrnl.exe (a known problem with Kaspersky it seems) so I switched to Bitdefender Internet…
  • you can just install 2014 and activate it with your license. no need to install 2013 first Thanks for the information - just what I was hoping for.
  • i have windows 7, installed bd 2014, but still problem there, infact shut down time almost doubled I am not being a troll but I have switched back to Kaspersky and my system is so much more responsive. I have not seen the 'not responding' in any program since I removed BitDefender - Firefox was doing it all the time.
  • I've finally had enough of the constant issues I have been having since switching from Kaspersky to Bitdefender - Firefox constantly freezing, slow loading of pages, keyboard lag when I'm typing etc. I have tried all the suggested tweaks that I have been able to find here relating to the firewall and scanning and nothing…
  • ...thers lag even as i am wriiting now, the words show up a while after ive typed tthem, so sorry for the typos I am going to download F-Secure and try it out, otherwise I will try out Kapersky as you mentioned, i have never used it. I have noticed that too - did not associate it with BD. Another reason to look at a…
  • I agree, I'm happy I did not purchase the program so far. According to and av-comparatives, F-Secure is a healthy alternative (that has a much lower impact on system performance) so I'm going to test that out if Bitdefender doesn't stop slowing my computer. I will have a look at F-Secure. I have been through…
  • Any reply Support? H*ll hasn't frozen over yet...
  • I have been a BD customer for the past few years. Unfortunately the latest versions keep getting worse. Before paying for an antivirus application I would not rely on the reviews alone. I would read various forums for the unresolved problems and the quality of user support. Have a look here to have a taste of serious…
  • I notice that I can't edit this post so I'll just add some more here. I use Chrome as my browser and I noticed that the little tab that is the toolbar is not present in about half the Chrome webpages that I come across. Is there any reason for that? Same here with Firefox. It was for that reason that I came here looking…
  • Solved. Switching from Autopilot mode to User mode and back again seems to fix the issue. Found via a Google search.
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