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  • It should work like Lastpass but it does not. Sticking with Lastpass for now.
  • Hello, I did not intend to get into a big discussion about different ways to get to my desktop. The two methods you listed (at least on Windows 8) minimize any windows you may have open and gives you the desktop. That does not make it convenient for me as I may have half a dozen or more windows open at any given time,…
  • My browsing habits are safe but I do like to feel assured that I'm using the best products available, now for me there's only a few products in that category BD being one of them. But I have read of recent tests where BD has been completely disabled during a test by a user on MalwareTips. Don't get me wrong I like BIS…
  • You seem to be forgetting that Norton and avast have steaming updates, dear oh dear you don't know a great deal do you. I can assure you my BIS was updating far more frequently than it has been for the last couple of hours, even the BD rep on facebook agrees that a 3 hour gap between updates isn't right. Edit to add: No…
  • It also may depend upon your area. Everyone in the world is not using the same servers. Could be a server issue. Either way its not that big of a concern unless your a dangerous web surfer. I have never had an infection in well over 12 years. Not even an alert. Well unless I am malware testing.
  • I think I'm going to switch to Emsisoft, still using the BD engine,plus it's own, plus the bb overall better detection and protection and far better support. Lol.............Do you honestly think thats the answer. Go around to every antivirus company and ask them how many data base updates they release in a 24 hour period.…
  • If your on Windows 7 just simply click the clear bar on the far right bottom of the taskbar. This will allow you to quickly see your desktop. Also if you press the Windows key + M simultaneously you will get your desktop. Its that easy.
  • Lol........................The same users from are the same users from Wilders. Just different names and most of them not even old enough to drive. Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee and Avast all release a data base update about at the same rate. I fail to see your problem. 6 users who are complaining when…
  • Add your games to the exclusions. Its that easy. Add the folders and processes.
  • A reboot after in a update is usually do to a product update and not a data base update.
  • Microsoft has stopped widget support. It is not a Bitdefender issue. its a Windows issue. Why would you need to constantly look at the widget anyways?
  • You manually check for updates 3x an hour? What are you paranoid or something? Holy crap. The purpose of any antivirus is to not bother you. Do everything in the background. The updates come from the severs. The severs are still the same no matter what product your using. Updates are ONLY pushed out around the world when…
  • You seem to be confused. Every antivirus company releases updates to combat new viruses. About 4-5 times a day. There are 2 kinds of updating. Your antivirus looks for updates frequently. But if there are no updates to download then there is nothing to add. The logs indicate when updates where actually downloaded and…
  • Pretty ironic when the best antivirus has the worst customer support. I would rather have less bugs and a lower detection rate then deal with this.
  • Problem solved. Back to Avast Free. BD might be the top antivirus as far as detection rates go. But the support is frikin horrible. One mod for a million people is pathetic.
  • Just got it. And.. Windows Explorer still crashes when using the context menu (right click) on a USB stick! I guess fixing that is not a priority for the BD developers. I get no such problem. Why are you scanning your USB stick anyways? I have 4 USB sticks. All immunized and I never need to scan them.
  • Anything on this? Is Christian the only mod in here?
  • Anything on this? Is Christian the only mod in here?
  • Any antivirus scanner uses a lot of CPU power when running a full scan.
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