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  • You just need to add the subscription to your account (central.bitdefender.com) and both your old product and new one will show up.

    Once that's done go into subscription and under your old product click Manage/Manage device allocation. And…

  • And this issue is back once again in your 2021 product (Build I mean it's the 3rd version already that when released has this issue (2019, 2020 and now 2021). Are you guys just reusing old code or something? I mean get it together for…

  • I already reported the issue and how I fixed it. It works for me fine and I am happy with the result. I believe further testing should be done on your part and not me. I expect to buy a product and if there are issues to report them and gi…

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    Didn't work for me. Still can't use Firefox and my Esxi page doesn't even load in whatever browser I try unless I disable encrypted web scan. Adding the IP to exception does nothing as well since you can't add the exact url in Bi…

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    Sadly this isn't working for me. Also after yesterday it also started to totally block sites with invalid certificates that you can add exceptions in Chrome/Firefox (not that Firefox was working anyway) making it impossible to ac…

  • Getting this as well with every https page I'm trying to load. Only solution I found to solve this is to disable "Encrypted web scan" in Protection/Online Threat Prevention Settings or use Chrome instead of Firefox. But this is an old issu…

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    Yes that's happening to me as well when they asked me to do a Windows Performance Record. While the thing is running I get no spikes at all. That's strange if you ask me.

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    Totally agree here. Worst part is they forced the update on us from 2017 that was working without issues. Think I remember another company doing something similar and they got alot of bad press after it ... hint ... Microsoft / W…

  • Experiencing same issues as mentioned by the other users with Bitdefender 2018 (this didn't happen on 2017). Disabling Advanced Threat Defense resolves this CPU spike issue. I have already submitted a support ticket with logs about 2 weeks…

  • I've been having the same issue here for about 1 maybe 1,5 months on both my desktop and my laptop. Issues appeared, coincidental or not, after replacing my router. Used to have a Huawei HG 655 (so nothing fancy) and I replaced it with an Archer …