• The issue DOES NOT persist as following these steps.
  • Hi Please right click on BitDefender icon from system tray(the "B" icon) and choose "Show". In the main window, click on "Settings". From the advanced interface, click on Privacy Control module and select the Antiphishing tab. Please disable all the options from there and reboot your machine. Let me know if everything is…
  • I have sent PM with support tool log. If you don't receive that, please tell me for resendig.
  • Thank you for your assistance, but I still need furthur assistance. I added exe file to excluded processes, and folder to excluded files and folders, then I rebooted. It still doesn't work. After reboot, checking exclusion, I found that processes was all cleared. I am sure that processes was set before reboot and just…
  • this is peercast i use.
  • Thx. I will report when I get this error again.
  • any progress about that? Is this issue depending on localization or my pc?? I will provide any info you need to solve it.
  • If I watch closely the screenshot, it seems that the detected process is not Explorer.exe from Windows, but a process named "explorer .exe" (there's a space between explorer and the extension). I might be wrong, but please tell me whether the taskbar disappears when AVC detects that process. If it is not the genuine…
  • files which I tried to delete. zips, wmvs, exes. prob 20 to 30 files. I needed to attempt several times to delete on same files . why does AVC terminates explorer? I like BD, but I don't like BD which influence badly on usual operation(I just delete files). I really don't know what kind info I should show you to solve my…
  • I noticed that I missed exclusion. I should add exclusion in Shield tab not Exclusion tab.
  • If I uninstall BD, are quarantined files are deleted?? I couldn't find C:\ProgramData\BitDefender\Desktop\Quarantine foloder.
  • Location: C:\ProgramData\BitDefender\Desktop\Quarantine But you don't know where all the files wo move... That folder seems to be deleted when i uninstalled BD... There are only 2 folders(Events, Profiles) in "C:\ProgramData\BitDefender\Desktop". Ummmm
  • I need the information too. I have uninstalled bd already. Is there any way to restore my pc?
  • Same problem here. I confirmed this problem with IE and Firefox But anyway, I upload the screenshot my plugins and extensions. OS:Windows7 Pro 64bit Browser:IE8、Firefox3.6
  • Would you mind stating what product has this detection? Chances are detection exists but does not have an article in the virus encyclopedia. Also note that multiple vendors can have different detection names for malicious files. Thank you for your reply. I actually would like to know that BD Internet Security2009 guard me…
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