• Im talking about on the wifi networks listed like on my cell phones,laptops.I see my 2.4-5g and my guest network.Like i said b4 i could only see my 2.4 & 5g networks but now i also see my guest account but cant connect to it?
  • Connected box 2 to see if any guest account and i can now see my guest account but it doesnt connect?B4 i could not see my guest account.Is anyone else seeing this?
  • Good news,thanks for the update
  • As i need the guest account on my network and box 2 still doesnt have this feature i have disconnected box 2.Hopefully this feature will be implemented soon.
  • Its still around and people i guess use it but box 2 came out so more people probably use that.I myself used box for awhile but had major problems with getting it to work with an extender so mine just sits also.I use box 2 now and i like it way better than the 1st one.As for firmware updates box 2 gets them but i have no…
  • Any answer to when the guest account will be functional?
  • Any idea when the guest account will be funcional?
  • My son signed into his account on the pc and got the onedrive popup and explorer windows popups.My laptop has not done it but as of now i turned off the protection at boot as its very annoying.
  • Phil,i noticed when i whitelisted it and enabled at boot the 1st time i restarted i got that popup 1 time and after that all was good.Also for some reason on my desktop only i had to allow onedrive app to be allowed as a authorized application,did not have to do this on my laptop .
  • I whitelisted macrium in safe files and have enable safe files protection at boot and so far after numerous restarts on the laptop have not seen that onedrive popup,i think this may have corrected it.I will try on the desktop and post back.Worked on desktop also.I wanna thank everyone for the help as looks though all is…
  • I tried adding every exclusion from macrium to av & advanced threat defense but makes no difference,as soon as i restart i start getting that onedrive popup.
  • Ok so i couldnt help it so on the laptop which is not important as my desktop i uninstalled macrium reflect home edition 7.1-rebooted-enabled safe files,protection at boot-rebooted and did not get that popup about the onedrive?Im thinking theres something with that bitdefender option and macrium reflect?I will keep macrium…
  • I think your right on this columbo,i think ill leave it disabled instead of messing with it.If the bitdefender team wants to test with macrium that would be great but ill leave it alone.Even if it is macrium causing it i will still keep that program as it has never let me down in the past with restoring the system.
  • I also have macrium reflect 7.1 paid on my computers and this problem was happening with version 6.I really dont want to uninstall macrium as i believe backups are the most important form of security mainly dealing with ransomware.Maybe ill uninstall it just to see if it stops the problem,ill get back with the results.
  • Yes i run total security as i have box 2.The only software my 2 computers both have is macrium reflect backup.I really dont think macrium is the problem.
  • I uninstalled-reinstalled as i done b4 but figured i would do it again and it keeps doing it on both my laptop and desktop(both win 10 64 bit).When i enable that option and restart i get that popup that it cant find onedrive and it makes a binging sound as it keeps popping up.It also opens up onedrive in explorer.
  • windows 10 build 16299.309(64 bit).I will try a uninstall-reinstall and see what happens.
  • Anything ever come about this?
  • I have onedrive set to startup with windows-go to safe files-enable protection at boot-restart windows and this is what i get(picture).When enable at boot is disabled everything is fine and i dont get that message.
  • Yes thats what im referriing to.As soon as i reconnected the verizon extender the 5ghz was broadcasted and i picked it up.Does that sound right that it took enabling my extender to get back the 5gh?
  • ok thank you
  • They already have this its called bitdefender box 1 or box 2
  • Good to hear,thanks
  • go to bitdefender central and remove it,then install it on the new phone with the same email you use for bitdefender central
  • I didnt realize it supported 5 ghz but now i see it in my wifi list,also great to hear about wifi guest being in a future update.Thank you michael
  • Ok thanks for the reply
    in vpn Comment by brihy1 February 2018
  • If you open up the bitdefender gui-go to privacy and click vpn the free version will open up.At the bottom click on get unlimited traffic and it will open a web page to the premium price which is at the moment $29.99
  • I asked and got this,read replies /index.php?/topic/78090-box-2-update/&do=embed" style="height:185px;max-width:502px;">
  • ok that must be why,thanks 
  • When i look in notifications its updating fine,last update 31 minutes ago?Does this come through automatic updates?