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  • Now, to those of you who can't find there posts here anymore - please take some days to read this info first: Thank you. Many thanks for remembering, we can easily spend "SOME DAYS" to review the forum rules as we already spend "MONTHS even YEARS" in the past to wait…
  • Friend to friend...did you realize that you were posting quite a bit of slams, jabs, sarcasms etc. that were at times were even getting edited, or deleted. Forgive me, but I hope you aren't surprised by the ban? Hmmm.... yeah I was not surprised at that "BAN". But I don't want to be diplomatic like some other users on this…
  • Thanks, Rampant So that may be just a glitch in the New Bitdefender showing 0 signatures in Quick Scan, and the 2013 Quick Scan version showing the full signature #s. My ideas are gone away as I get banned ... also then the user guide is not updated then since 2012?
  • Your question makes me think of publishing a new knowledge-base article with short explanatory steps on malware types and their behavior on the host system. Great, share the link with as well.
  • werby3, @ONT: Please refrain from offtopics. Hi Gerogia You better know the "REASONS" behind that which makes us and other users to post like in such a way. By the way I personally also don't like that but there is "SOMETHING" which forces us do so.
  • This request has been cloned by Christian for the Super Duper Ultra New Bitdefender 2015 version with Tractor Beam Technology. Wow, again there is some HOPE as usual like since last many years.
  • So is the 2013 version Quick Scan not cloud based, and yet shows the signatures? Read the manual kindly or I didn't make you understand the concern?
  • Of course it's about you Omer. Hurrrahhh Thanks
  • ...... let alone these two examples of excellent service: I am interested to know the % of such excellent services here on the forum.
  • The best example of "CLONING" I have ever seen is our suggestions in the "Feature Request" sub-forum, before that I was almost unaware what the cloning is? . And yeah I have to say "Thanks" to Bitdefender for making me better understanding of the this technology. @Werby Excellent post by you again. . I am sure that you…