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  • Ah, sorry about that george, i felt it had the required informaton to prove the item in question. No issue, thanks alot! You may have a message in your auto renewal queires inbox aswell. I made this post after it didnt look like it was sending.
  • When i kept getting this issue, i was told to go into the "repair" section of the program and let it fix itself via downloading itself and checking its files. This fix worked for me and im on a 64bit operating system with windows 7. Although i get the occasional glitch online with the Active Protection Feature.
  • this is a ultimate fail from bitdefender. all technical dudes i chat with have confirmed to get away from BD.
  • LMAO @ Seriously when will the gray ball become red again ? Possibly when they boil it :-s Also loved that comment. im using a ubuntu live cd which is gathering my files. luckily i have this linux kernal option. its just an iso i boot from. whallah. i have my files again. not looking forward to a refreshed windows 7...…
  • Unfortunitly, all 64bit users were affected.. if its widespread. i do recall bitdefender and bullguard having a similar virus engine. so.. maybe its both affected.. very ###### off at this.
  • Cristi, I undestand you are swamped but do you have any further information us? I know you posted some information earlier which is most appreciated but as many people are saying that doesn't work in all cases, is there going to be any further postings on how to help resolve the issues and if so do you have any sort of…
  • i want a full refund on my product so i can move to different software. bitedefender crashed my computer which took me 20 mins to get working again lucky i backup my computer a lot. || Considering thousand of non-tech savvy consumers are dieing at the moment. Literally crying in the floor boards... its really not good now…
  • Well, i was very extremely Peed off. I thought, OMG i am infected. I rebooted to find that i had a black screen and explorer.exe not working. I thought. oh no. i booted into a safemode and then eventualyl it booted into safemode and i was like, ok, what do i do... I opened MBAM and ran a scan. found nothing of interest.…
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