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  • Seems this is now fixed, my laptop is no longer in GAME mode automatically for no good reason. Whatever you updated appears to have fixed it.
  • Just adding to this, I want this to work also.
  • Hey, I posted exact same thing previously. Still the same story even with latest update.
  • Nice to see them rolling out patches/updates. Not sure if it's this one or last one but now On-Access Scanning / Archives section text is messed up if you want to limit the size (I don't so no big deal for me). Still want to see IDS actually working on 64bit. Where is the Paranoid mode as I can't see it (am I blind?) and…
  • My laptop is in "game mode" all the time now when idling? This started happening since the last update, got no idea what it's thinking.. anyone? It's a Win7 system. My desktop running Win8.1 however is using Standard as expected.
  • Yeah would be nice to see the list of changes.. SSL seems to behave as expected now and not simply enable itself. Wallet services are still running for no good reason though..
  • Has this finally been fixed? I'm now not getting (famous last words) this error anymore. It stays turned off and does not suddenly just start again. Started doing this yesterday/today I think.. can't find where "update" section is to confirm if anything has changed.
  • No answer except to confirm I've seen this too. My desktop scanned my laptop, both running BIS15. As it doesn't tell you anything useful that was pretty much it.. hasn't happened before/after or other way around.
  • It's a bug among many bugs 2015 has, there are plenty of settings that "revert" away from what you set them. The latest one I just saw was IDS which I always max out but was now set back to permissive.
  • I don't have an answer except to say it's corrupted. Why, I don't know. That kept happening to me when I was OCing and getting BSODs, BIS couldn't cope and went stupid so I always had to remove and reinstall. Maybe try and remove it complete and reinstall from scratch.
  • Hello, Where did you download your Bitdefender 2015 copy from? Please post back the download link. Thank you. This is well know in another thread here, happens to everyone for Steam and EA Origin as an example.
  • For what it's worth, neither of the devices I've installed BIS 2015 on appears in My BitDefender. I know it works per-say as I can still see the one device I left with BIS 2014 there. It's now been a day etc, the 2015 devices are not re-appearing.
  • If you go to Bitdefender site, they advertise 2015 for the "try" so I would assume it's the FINAL version. It's pretty odd that it's the 11th now and there's been nothing official from Bitdefender.
  • It's a bit poor that you cannot define the action for scans like you can for on-access scan (at least I cannot find a way). I would love to enforce quarantine every time so I can make the decisions.
  • Yeap I've had this on my desktop (doubt it matters laptop vs desktop). Mine was little worse in that the repair didn't fix it. I had to uninstall completely and reinstall the product, then all was fine again.
  • I know this is of little help to you but I just checked mine (BIS) and it works on mine without crashing. I don't know if there's a difference between the products re: this specific item but I doubt it. I'm running Win8.1.
  • I'll rephrase it. "Your product needs tweaking". "Follow our recommendations to make sure that the functionalities are configured properly". Those 2 statements are false. My product does not require tweaking, I do not want the product to automatically delete "stuff", as it does on certain actions. I want to see what it…
  • Nobody, obviously it shouldn't be "quiet" stoppage.
  • For what it's worth, mine quarantine it which is what I've chosen. As soon as I put the text into the file and save that file, the above action is taken. I also created a ZIP file from an empty text file first. I then opened that up and modified the empty text file with the string - as soon as I did that, the same action…
  • By poorly I assume you mean the single test they failed re: RDP in Public? I think this is in the wrong area, I doubt mods will reply either way.. they're mostly missing in action, however and all that said - I do agree that's little odd. I for example don't understand why as a General Rule Remote Desktop is allowed.
  • Old thread but a question. So I just "simulated" this. Put few numbers into a text file that matched the rule. I then tried sending this to my other email address via Outlook. It appears sent but it is never received? There are no alerts at BD either to say the rule was applied. To confirm nothing is wrong with Outlook…
  • Maybe this has been "fixed" recently or I'm just lost what's being discussed. NOTE: I have not used Paranoid mode. Instead I put the Firewall to max and let it create the rules. I now turned on Paranoid mode and the only program it asked about was a program that was not already in the application allowed list. So to me it…
  • Yeap, agree and I've posted the same thing previously. For me it's only been 2 specific programs and though my option was to guarantee them, this didn't happen - instead they got deleted, there were no events to show this nor could I find them anywhere. I only knew because the pop-up told me that's what happened. After…
  • 1) I doubt BD protects you or rather, I can't see how it would. The "problem" is as mentioned on the servers running X version of OpenSSL. 2) Doubtful but possibly yes. For example banks (most at least hopefully) have already patched all internet facing servers and non-internet, then they'd have re-issued certificates.…
  • There is a problem with the On access part, it will basically ignore whatever you choose. It will not ignore stuff you choose, it will pick and choose false-positives and simply delete them etc. I created a thread about this too as I see this problem here and there also. I don't have an issue with false-positives though,…
  • Thanks for your input, hopefully that shows I'm not some lonely nut-case here. False-positives is one thing and expected to be honest, but quarantine/restore failing and the rest mentioned here isn't - those are broken. If I'm in User mode and I've specifically told it to quarantine then I'd expect that to happen. Just…
  • This is really doing my head in now. It's now picking up "Rog Realbench v2.1" executable as malicious program and simply deletes it - still saying it's quarantine but it's not. There are no events either.. it's simply been deleted. CPU-Z executable is another one that simply get's removed at times. I could run the program…
  • So this has picked up 2 possible infections. One I was happy with it (facebook colour changer) the other looks like a false-positive but either way, nice it's picking them up. However, how do I now get rid off them? Both items remain under the infected items area and I cannot find an option to clear it. ie: once I've been…
  • Because it's not there. It's not in Quarantee and event shows nothing. Bitdefender does provide a pop-up saying it's blocked it so you know what's happened, but you press that pop-up to go into the event and it's empty. Nada. Nothing you can do.
  • Thanks Georgia, that's great to hear.
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