The Number Of False Positives Is Ridiculous.....

I am relatively new user to Bitdefender. I am seriously re-thinking the purchase however because the problems I am encountering are causing more headaches than any worry I have about getting a virus on my system.

First, the number of false positives I am getting is completely ridiculous. I am seeing them in code I write, games I buy on DVD, files that I know exactly the source and so forth. And I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone to do something only to find required files for that app or game deleted....

The most recent was Sword of the Stars II which was purchased via Steam. I kept having to re-download just about the entire game (4.7gig) over and over because it was being deleted.. and yes I tried different settings to quarantine etc.. To eliminate Bitdefender at first, I told BD to IGNORE the files, then the directory then the entire drive... It did NOT help. It seems as if BD is not ignoring any files or locations I tell it to. Finally I turned OFF the real time scan and it at least stopped deleting the files outright all the time.

I have tried every setting, alteration and config that I can try in BD. Right now I am copying a directory of games I bought from Gamersgate to another backup drive.. Probably 25 different games... and bitdefender is going nuts listing files as virus or unclean files...

I do not have the time to list up and send 50 different files to Bitdefender devs. And some of those files are confidential in nature anyhow thus I would not do so in any regard. But this is ridiculous and unless there is some solution, I am going to have to remove this product and go with something else. I came to BD due to referrals.... well, I am not sure what they were referring too because if this it, then I am sorely disappointed...

Does anyone have any solution to this or am I just stuck with the purchase? I am wasting more of MY time dealing with this than getting my own stuff done.


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    What is Bitdefender listing the threats as?

  • In my opinion, we can't really control those false positives. Every security software is the same when it comes to this. if some of your programs don't work, you can actually add them on the exclusion list and you'll be fine after that. smile2.png

    You might want to look at my original message again because the amount of 'hits' I am getting is completely ridiculous. I switched two other systems back to Avast and get no where near the hits and NONE of the files Bitdefender keeps hitting are being hit on in Avast.

    We are not talking one or two files but many, many files.

    Additionally, I said in my original message that I DID add not only the files but the directories and even the entire drive to the exclusion lists and BD STILL hits on them...

    If the exclusion process worked on this end, I would still be adding individual files until next year and I just do not have that kind of time. We have terabytes of drive data here... around 50 terabytes or so. Approximately 15 terabytes is custom written code. Maybe 5 terabytes are games of various kinds. About 30 terabytes are music and digital movie files and the rest is various other applications and files.

    So based on your reply, we are stuck with it as is right?

  • Not one here,Good luck with your Avast.

  • Not one here,Good luck with your Avast.

    mm.. so what you are saying is to just give up on this product and move to another? I am not here because I was looking for an easy way out rather hoping the devs had some solution or possibly might have a bug they need to fix... perhaps something in my large configuration, BD is having problems with for exclusions.... regardless we paid for this product and I expect support in the least..

    A reply like yours is not what I would expect from the actual devs. I stated I put Avast BACK on some systems until this gets resolved and I WILL go back to it should there indeed be no support or attempt to fix this problem. In the meantime, I expect this to be at least looked at.. we are not novice users on this end and we rely on our infrastructure more than you could ever imagine. One of the reasons we decided to try BD was due to its high level of security... but if this issue we are having is that and there is no way to alter it, we just may have to do something else. While we need a high level on this end of security, when it starts to conflict with our own infrastructure, it is not feasible to continue with it...

    While you may have no problems with your home computer, we are not running anything like that here.

  • There is a problem with the On access part, it will basically ignore whatever you choose. It will not ignore stuff you choose, it will pick and choose false-positives and simply delete them etc. I created a thread about this too as I see this problem here and there also. I don't have an issue with false-positives though, it's just that I cannot control what it does with them. Secondly, you'll find that the lack of support you'll receive will be off-putting.

    You'll get responses from other users but actual Devs, maybe/possibly but highly unlikely. Just look what you see on the other threads..