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  • So glad that the Widget is back. I don't care how it looks. As long as it works like the old one you have one happy customer here. :D
  • Hi, I also have this version ( and this outlook connection problem which still hasn't been solved, despite the advice in this topic:;#entry227117
  • Hello Hartassen, Sorry to hear about Avangate and how they handle this problem. I had this same problem almost a week ago. The first thing that i did was go to their website (made an account) and turned off the auto renewal option. Then i sent a …
  • Hello Maria de los Angeles, Maybe you already took these steps, but did you also sent an email ticket to Contact Customer Care. That worked for me. On friday 25 January i sent them an ticket and they responded the same day. Today i recieved an ema…
  • Hello rwilsond, Thank you so much for your quick reply and solution for this problem. Yesterday i did exactly what you suggested: i created an account on Avangate and turned off the Auto-Renew feature I also sent a refund ticket to Bitdefende…
  • Hello Thank you for your feedback. Action Center sometimes reports Bitdefender as out of date, but is a false alarm. When the product is out of date, you will see an orange warning in the main interface. Take care. Hi Christian, The …
  • Hello Welcome back. The latest update hasn't been released for localization (NL). Don't worry, it will be soon. Now, you have the latest actualization available on the servers and Bitdefender is up to date. Let me know if you have other ques…
  • firoza: I did not understood what you have tried to say about your website(perhaps you made a mistake). Anyway, I have tried exactly as you said, but still the problem is not fixed. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Robert Hi Robert, …
  • Hi, I have the same problem with On access scanning. Did what was suggested and used the Bitdefender_Supporttool to generate a standalone support tool log: Visit My Website or…