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  • On 11/30/2016 at 8:18 PM, Jeff said: Having this same issue with BDLDaemon running with near 100% cpu for a few minutes at a time with nothing exotic being done at the time. did not fix it. No Time Machine Backups. This might be a shot in the dark, but are you currently using a cloud service that is constantly or…
  • Did they change the 2017 version so you can't disable it? On 2016, this worked for me http://www.bitdefender.com/support/how-to-turn-off-special-offers-and-product-notifications-in-bitdefender-2015-1295.html
  • As I am guessing you are already aware, this is the process that handles real-time protection, and it should not be heavy on resources...the one exception being after initial installation, where as the program may have to scan every file the system is connected to at first, but afterwards only scans new files and files…
  • On 11/29/2016 at 6:16 AM, eco said: @fnc Do you have the links for the Internet Security 2016? Thanks in advance. I do not. But if your account is for the Internet Security, if you download the 2016 Antivirus Plus offline installer specifically for AV+, install it, and then enter the account login information, it should…
  • I wanted to update this for anyone reading. BitDefender's Commercial team managed to fix the issue and compensated me for the lost time, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you for the referral.
  • On 11/26/2016 at 0:31 PM, Sorin G. said: Hello, Our commercial team will be able to assist with this issue. You can contact them at [email protected] Thank you. I have sent them an email. Hopefully this can be resolved soon, and perhaps the way that Central works will eventually be changed to avoid others from having…
  • I had considerable issues with TS 2017 as well, and reverted to TS 2016, which had worked flawlessly for me on 10,8, and 7, and is continuing to. While my license is for 2017, it appears that BD is kind enough to let that license also apply to the previous 2016 products, so the license worked without issue (which is really…
  • It will not show up on the startup tab, for whatever reason. It also appears that the UI loads later than it did with older versions (but it is running during this period.) On my SP3 it can take a minute or two to appear in the tray.
  • While this won't help you with the popup notifications (which I agree is a great idea), my guess is that the module causing this is Intrusion Detection, and that either lowering the sensitivity or disabling it should fix the issue (it did for me at least with C-RDC.) If not, then Active Threat Control may be the culprit?
  • Black Friday pricing means you can get a year subscription of AV Plus or Total Security for $20-25...for most users, either will do great and cost a lot less than the fully loaded security packages. The primary thing you need is the AV, which the basic AV Plus has, and it uses the same golden scanning engine and real-time…
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