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  • Hi All It worked for me. Updates are showing as succesful. Christian many thanks. Madbeevs
  • Hi Welcome to our forums. Do you have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed? If not, please install it through Windows Update. Reboot and repair again the product. Thank you. Hi I'm having a similar problem multiple errors after auto update stating update failes code (-2004) started on 25/1. I'm running Windows 7 x64 Home…
  • Hi all Just an update to my previous reply. As the days have gone on since I updated to 2012, things have quietened down a lot, don't know if it is due to product updates or if the installation becomes less intrusive on resources as it settles in, anyway thins are much better than when I originally posted. Madbeevs
  • Rick/Chimel Yea I'm having exactly the same issues as Rick, as soon as I switch autoscan off or it eventually finishes its scan things return to normal. I presume that switching autoscan off does not affect intrusion detection etc. Madbeevs
  • Hello everyone, Is the issue resolved for everyone who posted in this topic ? Please provide us with your feedback. Thank you! Hi Danny Dan Yep looks like the problem has been resolved on my PC, no more reboots after the last product update. Thanks to all the team for resolving the issue, to be honest the problem was more…
  • That's right,the problem has been fixed via update. Please make sure that your BitDefender is up to date and let us know whether the situation persists. Sorry for any inconvenience created. Cristi Many thanks all seems to be OK Bitdefender has updated several times without a need to re-boot. Madbeevs
  • Hi Just an update on my last post, Bitdefender has updated twice since I posted last and has not asked for a reboot, fingers crossed. Madbeevs
  • Hi You can add me to the reboot situation, at least 4 reboots today, couldn't find any upd files. Did a manual update and was prompted to reboot after that also. Madbeevs
  • HI Have you just purchased the Bitdefender anti-virus, as the other Bitdefender products have excellent firewalls. Madbeevs
  • Hi I've just downloaded 2011 and I am having a similar problem if I set the virus shield to aggressive, it will remain on that setting unless I do a scan or reboot my computer after which the shield has changed to customer defined. Any ideas. Mad beevs
  • Catalin Many thanks, I'll give it a go. Madbeevs
  • Hi, I use Internet Security 2010. I like to use freeware anti-spyware software like a-squared, spyware blaster, spybot, etc as an extra layer of security as on-demand scanners. Has anyone found any of these or similar that work ok with Bitdefender? Cheers Hi I'm running Bitdefender 2010 and also have spybot and also have…
  • Alex Sorry spoke too soon the cookie is back, when I used the link provided the site said that the Atlas Cookie was not active. I blocked the sites in ie as you suggested, any further ideas. The cookie seems to come back after the PC is rebooted despite BD deleting it during a scan. Thanks for looking into this Madbeevs
  • Alex Many thanks worked well for me. Madbeevs
  • Hi Same here this cookie is deleted on the first scan of a session on my PC. It is not detected on subsequent scans even when I visit the same websites. Madbeevs
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