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  • I have the same issue with 2016 & 2017 as well. It works in IE Edge but not in Chrome!!
  • I'm trying to make my backup directories writable only by my backup software. The drive they're on is a NAS device on my local network. Unfortunately, the UI for the ransomware module only allows me to add local drives and homegroup shares. Is there a way to do this at all? I have the same concern and I would like to find…
  • Hi My Bitdefender paying subscription is almost over and i decided to give 2015 a ride. Many of us asked for network activity back, in widget and in the application, and we just got a no from you guys. We should not depend on third party software when we pay for a full total security suit like this one. It might sound…
  • I think the wrong decision, having removed the paranoid mode, network discovery and control traffics in, in my case, BIS. That's why it is not understood to incorporate the BIS functions optimization (defrag, registry cleaning, etc.., Etc.. Etc.) That correspond more to the version Bitdefender Total Security, and…
  • How come? I think we should not depend on third party software when we pay for "Total Security" Software. It was available in the 2014 version, why you guys went an step backwards? I think paranoid mode is a great feature and also it is a great feature to monitor all your process internet traffic from BD and general…
  • FTP has a default tcp port of 21. Are you using other ports than that? Some of them uses port 22. Try to add the port instead. I already tried that as well but with no luck!! Thanks for ur suggestion
  • BRING back plz the network activity.... and network traffic monitor .. this is an important feature . By the way I love the new dynamic look of bitdefender but cmon guys no network activity,.... essential feature +1
  • Any other suggestions please?
  • Hello, We recommend these steps: - open Bitdefender and click Protection -> Firewall - check the box 'Show General Rules' (at the bottom of Rules tab) - set to 'Allow' Windows Explorer traffic on FTP Restart Windows and check how is everything going. Sorry, I already tried that before I posted here. Unfortunately my…
  • I too loved the Paranoid Mode Please bring back the feature and also the Network Traffic Monitor which was really cool and a helpful feature in 2014 versions +1
  • The reason I ask is I downloaded the "New" Sphere from your website to install, but when I click to install it says it's installing Total Security 2013. Same thing for me but I have Family Pack. Any help please?
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