• Hello Alex, Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem ???
  • I added Firefox as an exception for active virus control but vsserv.exe still eats CPU resources during firefox startup. I even disabled active virus control but no luck. It only happens for the first startup of firefox, for subsequent startups vsserv.exe remains quiet. Even you can check the problem. Just open task…
  • Can you give me the link of the newer kit (.exe file)? so that i can save it on the hard disk just in case i need to reinstall any time in the future.
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  • 20 days since my first post for this topic. Not even a single question answered !! Does anyone care ????
  • I have sent you the download link through PM. Meanwhile, Please tell me how can i find the description of Trojan.Zlob.5450 and where in BDTS 2010 can i access the logs for blocked viruses? Thanks in advance.
  • Yes i am referring to BDTS 2010. Though i did not have any update problems. The only problem i am having now is registry control module is disabled so pc is not fully protected !!
  • The root of the problem seems to be with the Registry Control module. I disabled registry control and restarted the computer and ..... the above problems are gone !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the BD team releases a fix soon and something good comes out of this !!
  • Thanks a lot Cris for the info. Meanwhile i have specified second action(move to quarantine) for an infected file for most scans. It works and so now i wont have to manually choose an action.
  • Do On-Demand System scans include user defined tasks and cloned tasks? (besides deep system scan,system scan,quick system scan and auto logon scan) There seems to be a real problem with 'choose an action' select box. I dont know whether its a bug or an installation problem. I just did a rootkit scan and both 'choose an…
  • Thanks for letting me know about the scanned extensions. Can u tell the most common virus extensions so that i can define a fast scan. Earlier you told that Exclusions were designed to work only for Realtime/On-Demand System scans. Do On-Demand System scans include user defined tasks and cloned tasks? (besides deep system…
  • I can only configure extensions to be excluded but not configure extensions to be scanned. If BDTS 2010 can configure extensions to be scanned then tell me so. I dont remember exactly which extensions i excluded before that scan but as of now i have defined the following extensions to be excluded:-…
  • 1) I was worried when no action could be taken on the detected virus...... So i deleted the file manually at that time. Well you didnt explain why 'choose an action' didnt work. I also told that 'choose an action' didnt work previously for some other scans.(I dont have those logs)
  • 1) 'Do not respond' means nothing happens when i click on either of 'choose an action' select boxes, Bitdefender does not freeze. It happens every time when i have to manually select an action to remove detected viruses.(Though only 2 to 3 times i had to manually select) I am posting a recent log where 'choose an action'…
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