Firefox Startup Extremely Slow Due To Bd

I uninstalled BDTS 2010 a couple of days back and installed it again.

After uninstalling i noticed that firefox startup took 5 to 10 seconds.

But if BDTS 2010 is installed then the startup takes 20 to 40 seconds.

vsserv.exe starts taking CPU resources during firefox startup.

No problems in other browsers like chrome or opera.

This is probably due to Antiphishing toolbar in firefox.

Disabling the toolbar from firefox-->Addons or disabling antiphishing module from BDTS 2010 does not seem to help.

Is there anyway to unregister/uninstall antiphishing toolbar from firefox?


  • Hello kunalkoool,

    We may think that the BitDefender Active Virus Control option is causing this sittuation. Try to add to Firefox as an exclusion from Active Virus Control following the steps bellow and let us know what happens:

    1. Open BitDefender in Expert Mode, click on the Antivirus module and under the Shield tab click on the Advanced Settings button .

    2. The BitDefender Active Virus Control Settings window should be displayed. Click on the add button, represented by the plus (+) sign and browse to the location were Mozilla Firefox is installed : C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox .

    3. Here, select the executable file of this program : firefox.exe and choose Open.

    Reboot your system and test to see if the same issue occurs after that.

    Thank you.

  • I added Firefox as an exception for active virus control but vsserv.exe still eats CPU resources during firefox startup. I even disabled active virus control but no luck.

    It only happens for the first startup of firefox, for subsequent startups vsserv.exe remains quiet.

    Even you can check the problem. Just open task manager and then firefox.

    You can see how vsserv.exe reacts.

  • Hello Alex,

    Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem ???

  • Hello Alex,

    Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem ???

    Hi kunalkool,

    Do you have any add-ons (extensions) installed for Firefox (such as: WoT, Firebug, DownloadStatusbar, FlashBlock, etc...) ?

    You can find them in Tools/Add-ons/Extensions menu from Firefox.

    If you have too many add-ons installed or too much pages that are starting on Firefox start this can lead to a slow application startup.

    You may test disabling BitDefender Antiphishing toolbar and see the results. You may also try disabling all extensions and see what's happening.

    Best regards!

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