Comment fermer un port ?

J'ai fais un scan de port sur mon Samsung A41 et j'ai vu que le port 45877/tcp est ouvert. Je voudrais le fermer, comment faire ?


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    The port can be closed only if the Android device is rooted. Rooting an Android phone lets you add, edit or delete system files, which in turn allows you to perform various tweaks and use apps that require root access. It gives you access to more OS options and hardware control.

    However, you can risk loosing warranty or breaking things, so personally I wouldn't recommend it.


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    And once I rooted the device, how do I close the port with Bitdefender Mobile Security ?

  • I'm not familiar with the exact procedure, but some tutorials might be available online..

  • I couldn't find anything on the web... if you have a link, it would save me

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    Providing you information related to rooting of android will be flagged as security breach and you will end up losing your manufacturer warranty for the device also. If you still want to root your android device you can visit youtube and search for rooting your particular device model.


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  • I'm not looking for a link to root the device, but to close the port with Bitdefender after rooting.