Pourquoi certain site ne sont pas accessible lorsque mon VPN est connecté. ????

Même certaines pages Bitdender !!!!!



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    When you're experiencing issues accessing certain websites while your VPN (Virtual Private Network) is connected, there could be several reasons behind it:

    1) VPN Server Location: The server location you've chosen for your VPN might be blocked by the website you're trying to access. Some websites restrict access from certain regions due to legal, security, or licensing reasons.

    2) IP Address Blocking: Websites sometimes block certain IP addresses or IP ranges that are associated with VPN services. This is done to prevent abuse or unauthorized access.

    3) Firewall or Filtering: Some VPNs use firewall and filtering techniques to block certain types of content, ads, or malicious websites. This could inadvertently block access to legitimate sites.

    4) DNS Configuration: Some websites might rely on specific DNS (Domain Name System) configurations that don't work well with your VPN's DNS settings.

    5) Traffic Volume: If a large number of users are accessing the same website through the same VPN server, it might trigger anti-bot measures, making the site temporarily inaccessible.

    6) HTTPS Certificate Issues: Some websites use HTTPS certificates to ensure secure connections. If there's a mismatch between the website's certificate and the IP address you're connecting through (common with shared VPN IPs), you might face connectivity issues.

    7) Website Restrictions: The website you're trying to access might be intentionally blocking VPN connections to prevent certain activities like scraping data, automated access, or avoiding location-based restrictions.

    8) VPN Protocol: Different VPN protocols (like OpenVPN, IKEv2, etc.) might interact differently with various websites and networks. Switching protocols could potentially resolve connectivity issues.

    Regarding your mention of Bitdefender pages not being accessible through your VPN, it's possible that Bitdefender's security systems are detecting the VPN connection as potentially malicious or suspicious behavior. This could lead to access restrictions for security reasons.

    To troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue, you can try the following steps:

    1) Change Server Locations: Try connecting through different server locations provided by your VPN to see if the issue persists.

    2) Disable VPN: Temporarily disable your VPN and try accessing the websites to see if they load normally. If they do, the issue is likely related to the VPN.

    If issue persists, kindly contact the bitdefender support by visiting https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/ and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you can get in touch with support representative either by email, chat or over a call.

    Alternatively, you can also share your query with bitdefender support team by dropping them an email at bitsy@bitdefender.com

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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