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bekomme folgende Fehlermeldung

Die Datei C:\_KSKreativ\Projekt_2024\Art\obj\x64\Release\net8.0-windows10.0.22000.0\apphost.exe 

ist mit Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.4.rC0@a0YI99d infiziert

beim Compilieren mit .net8 CORE...

auf dem System erkennt Bitdefender keinen Virus, nur beim Compile Vorgang ?!?!

eine IDEE ?!?


  • Flexx
    bearbeitet 26. Januar

    The file is basically cloud based detection and not a detection created by malware research team.

    Let me explain how cloud-based detection works in very simple terms with the help of an example.

    Imagine you and your friends all have phones. Each phone has a tiny guard who checks for bad guys (malware). But the guards don't know all the bad guys in the world!

    So, they send reports to a big, smart castle in the sky (the cloud). In the castle, super-fast computers compare the reports to a giant book of bad guys and tricks (threat database).

    If a bad guy match is found, the castle sends instructions back to the guards, like "Stop that guy!" or "Lock him up!" This keeps everyone safe!

    The best part? The castle learns new bad guys all the time, and sends updates to all the guards, so nobody gets caught by the same trick twice.

    That's how cloud-based antimalware works! It's like a superhero team in the sky protecting all your devices.

    If you believe that a website or file is not detected by Bitdefender as malicious or phishing, kindly report it to our malware research team using the forum provided at the link below:

    If the website or file is indeed malicious or phishing, detection will be added within a maximum of 72 hours. However, if no detection is available even after 72 hours, please consider the website or file as safe, as determined by our malware researchers, and no detection will be created for them.


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  • Karl7

    THANKS..., okay I have now added an image to the C# project

    (without modification of the source code))

    and then I was able to compile it WITHOUT a virus message...

    so I'm sure it wasn't a virus/malware

    Virus detection is a complicated science