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Online Parental Control Does Not Show Account


Running BitDefender 2011 on Windows 7 (home premium). Computer attached to NAT router to cable modem, no port forwarding at router.

1) Parental control AND online monitoring set on one of the accounts on this system.

2) I go into the controlled account, do something prohibited. Sure enough it am prohibited from doing anything.

3) I go online, look for activity reports, etc - no accounts show up under parental controls.

4) When I click the link titled "can't see any accounts...." it just refreshes the page - indeed this links to currentPageUrl/#

Why won't my account show? Do I have to do anything with the router - I thought not, indeed Norton Online Family ran on this machine with no problem.

Any ideas?




  • The Parental control is updated on the MyAccount section every 10 minutes. Can you provide me with few screenshots to better understand the situation ?


  • OK, screen shots.

    The first, taken from an admin (non-parental controlled) account shows the child account "Sean" has parental control enabled and that web access should be turned on.

    The second picture shows what I see on the web site when logged in. Note that if I click on the "I can't see my accounts.." link nothing happens (does it for anyone?)

    Hope this helps, and thanks for the interest / response.



  • Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I turn on remote parental control and it does not appear on the website.

    When you click the link at the bottom that says "i do not see all my PC accounts here", nothing happens.

    Also when logging on to my account, from my home page there is no link to the parental control section. The only way I can get to it is by going to the settings and in the Parental Control tab I have to click "Go to my account".

    Obviously this is a problem that needs to be sorted...especially the dummy link

  • Unknown
    edited March 2011


    We had a small connectivity issue last week between the Parental Control module and the MyAccount page. The issue should be fixed now. If you still encounter issues with it please let me know. I've attached a screenshot of the page I get after clicking on the 'Go to My Account' link.

    The link called 'I do not see all my PC accounts here. What should I do?' is to refresh the page. I will raise this matter and we may modify the link name or add a related helpful KB article.

    Best regards,